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ArtZone Heading
After not being able to find your answer in the manuals or look it up in numerous books that exist, you've made a daring decision to get on the Net, log onto EFNet IRC #3dsmax, and ask your question there...and they told you to come here.

Prepare to get MAXed Out !

  Advanced IK Setups
  Afterburn: Advanced Explosions
  Afterburn: An Introduction
  Afterburn: Explosions
  Afterburn: Quick Clouds
  An Industry Lesson
  Animated Water/Sea
Automated Tank Tracks in 3ds max 6
If you've ever wondered how to setup animated tank tracks for your project, Jason Slabber is will teach you his method, by using splineIK and wire parameters in 3ds max.

  Box Modeling the Basic Shape of a Car
  CEL Shader: Chapter 1
  CEL Shader: Chapter 2
  Compositing: Advanced compositing at a smaller scale
  Compositing: Behind the scenes on Moa
  Compositing: Camera Matching
  Compositing: Giving Depth to Stock Footage
  Compositing: Pyrotechnics
  Creating a Bonsai Tree
  Creating a Realistic Animated Cable/Rope/Flex
  Creating a simple previewer with MXS
  Creating a Toon Shader
  Creating an Asteroid
  Creating Animated Grass
  Creating Fire in 3DSMAX
  Creating Realistic Water with Wakes
  Designing a Faucet
  Faking SSS with Mental Ray
  Faking Window-Shaped Highlights
  finalRender 101: Basic HDRI and Ray Tracing
  finalRender 101: Simple Environment and Object Based GI
  Guide to Making a Polygonal Head with NURMS
  Introducution to Polygonal Modeling
  Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 1
  Lighting, Texturing, Rendering in 3DSMAX: Part 2
  Link Object to a Vertex
  Low Poly Modeling for Real Time
  Making objects splat
  Making of Audi TT
  Making of BMW Z3
  Making of D'ni Firemarble Holder
Modelling a head poly by poly
Tommi Kaikkonen guides you through a process of modeling a head poly by poly that should apply to almost all 3D applications; starting with a reference photo, modeling spline guides and ending up with a whole poly mesh.

  Multiple Texture Mappings
Muscle Bulging Using Muscle Bones in 3ds max
If you're looking for a way to make muscles bulge for your characters, then this article might help. It involves creating "muscle bones", which are basically 3ds max native bones that squash and stretch.

Ornatrix - A Crash Course
An introduction to Ornatrix, latest hair and fur system for 3ds max developed by Marsel Khadiyev of Ephere Productions.

Preparing an Exotic, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
A "recipe" for a cocktail pouring animation into a glass; adding ice, a lemon and a nice little umbrella.
Following the realistic approach some physics-accurate tools are needed, such as Reactor for rigid body collisions, Real Flow for liquid dynamics, and Mental Ray for rendering.

  Procedural Shaders: Magma/Lava Effect
  Procedural Shaders: Update on Lava
Quick Poly Modeling of a Rim in 3ds max
A step-by-step quide on modeling a rim using polygons in 3ds max; starting from a cylinder and ending up with a rim.

  Reaktor: Intro to basic rigid body dynamics
  RealFlow: Simple "Pouring" Exercise
  Realistic head with NURMS
  Simulating DOF in 3DSMAX Renders Using Photoshop
Solid Bevel
This little quick tutorial will demonstrate a very simple and basic technique to bevel 3D objects aka create solid-bevels.

  Spline + Subdivision Head Modeling
  Texture based particle emission
  The Claw (Expressions)
Volumetric lighting in mental ray
Tyler Reed explores creation of Volumetric Lights with mental ray using mental ray's shader system.

  Volumetrics: Combustion
  "It's all in the Eyes" - creating realistic eyes
  "Smokin 1" - Basic 3dsmax Particles
  "Smokin 2" - Intermediate 3dsmax Particles
  "Smokin 3" - Advanced 3dsmax Particles

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