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ArtZone Heading
Making objects splat
Added on: Fri Feb 23 2001
Page: 2 3 

This tutorial is going to introduce metaballs and a few tricks within max. Basically what it is going to cover is how to get an object to fly at another object at high speed and splatter allover it, primarily using particles and a tiny bit of key framed animation. This tutorial assumes you know a bit about max, and as always the more you know the better.

First of all lets reset our 3dsmax scene, go to the file menu and select reset, choose yes when it asks you if you are sure you want to reset your scene.

Fast forwarding through this, create a 2D plate in the top viewport, make it fairly large, maybe two whole grid blocks, it�s up to you, this is going to be the ground plane. Next up lets create a teapot in the top viewpoint.
Click on move and move the teapot up so it�s fairly high up, after that go to frame 30 and click on the animate button, move the teapot so it�s just below the ground plane we just created. If you want you can also rotate the teapot so it tumbles to the ground, which might look better.

Once we�ve animated the teapot falling, we�re going to create a deflector and size it up to fit the ground plane, go to the spacewarps section of the create panel and click on "particles only" and click on deflector. Drag it out and adjust the size
of it in the modify panel, adjust the bounce value to 0.3

Go to the particles menu in the create panel and click on parray (particle array) and drag it out into the top viewpoint. Place it somewhere just outside of the ground plane so it doesn�t get in the way.

In the modify panel, select parray and adjust the settings as follows:

Under object-based emitter click on the button and select the teapot.

Change the viewport display to mesh, and the particle quantity to "use total" and type in 450. Lower the speed to 0 and the divergence to 0. Change the emitting start time to 22 and the stop to 23, display until to 100 and life to 100. Enable emitter rotation.

So far what we�ve done is told it to emit 450 particles, display them in their true form (mesh) and have 0 speed so they emit based more on the world not their own particle emitting speed. Plus to emit from frame 22 to 23 and display �til frame 100.
Now change the size to 15 and give it a variation of 20.0, tell them to grown for two frames, which means when they emit they start out small and grow to their full size (15) over two frames.

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