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ArtZone Heading
"Smokin 3" - Advanced 3dsmax Particles
Added on: Sat Dec 09 2000
Page: 2 3 4 5 6 

So far you should have created a fairly convincing amount of smoke. Here I am going to cover the rest of smoke. How to control smoke, how to make it thick forest burning smoke or thin steam'esk smoke. Cover motion bluring and glowing and when not to use them. Making them only emit once rather than all the time, great for particle dust ect. How to control how quickly it emits ect. All of the spacewarps, what they do and how they are usefull ect. And a lot more. Check it out..

More on spray

Continuing on from first two articles, I'm going to show the final bits of spray and how to use it. Essentially you have learnt how to make smoke emit out and continue to emit, but what if you want the particle system to stop emitting, or start at a later date. Or say if you had an object fall and land on the ground and you want dust to float up into the sky and fade out, just once not a continual particle stream, how would you do that? That's a bit I'm going to cover here.

Open your old spray from chapter 2 assuming you saved it, and I'm sure you probably did.
Delete your spray, we're going to create a new one similar to it, but not exactly the same.
First of all create a simple box under the create primitives tab in the command panel. Now create a flat plane also and place that on the ground area, raise the box up in the air and keyframe it over 40 frames to drop onto the ground, do this by going to frame 40, hitting animate and moving it directly to the ground. If you want to make it rotate a bit as well go ahead.

Now you have a box which drops onto the ground, not exactly what you were expecting out a particle tutorial right?

Create a spray particle system around the area where the box lands, make the width and length a bit bigger than the boxes.
Adjust the settings as follows:
Set the particle count to be about 80,
set the size to be 10...

Give it a speed of 4 and a variation of  1.5
Adjust the start value to 37 under timing and
give the life about 100.
Deactive constant and adjust the birth rate value to 230 so that all of the 80 particles are emitted at once.

Now essentially the first problem here is the particle life is set to 100 so that that means the particles are going to live for 100 frames, and when they die they get reemitted, so we need to fix this. Load up track view and click on spray01 or what ever the name of your spray particle emitter is. Under object(spray) click on birth rate, go to frame 37 and click on 'add key' next to the scale key button in the track view.

Add a key directly on frame 37 in the birth rate column, and then click again next to it at frame 38, right click on frame 38 and under value you'll see 230, type in the value '0' so that it emits 0 particles after that frame.

Now play the animation, when the particles die they do not respawn since it emits 0 particles after frame 38.

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