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Wannabe Me

   Main Entry: wan�na-be
   Pronunciation: 'w�-n&-"bE
   Function: noun
   Etymology: from the phrase want to be
   Date: 1981
   : a person who wants or aspires to be someone or something else or who tries to look or act like someone else


(about "Titanic" the movie, ed.)

HyperCube> SI was in made all those chalky looking people on deck..LW made the good looking ones and the ship ;)
Over_Lord> Lightwave modeller is visually laidout like SI..except that its buttons are on one side in LW..


TheNerf> Zappy....Lotny here tells us that Titanic only used LW in one night shot and the simulation :)
HyperCube> although probably do you as much good to go argue the point with a parking meter outside..
Over_Lord> Bhahahahah
[OldGeek]> hc, careful, that parking meter is the key to the future of the universe....
HyperCube> og: hehehe
Zappy_SXS> I suppose he "read" that somewhere ...
VDG_Hoops> I don't think so...
Lotny> Zappy_SXS: no.. i've seen it
VDG_Hoops> think he just "deduced" it
HyperCube> max user's quarterly probably..
Over_Lord> The only good work recently I seen camne out of max was Starcraft... it looked nice... but the animation was a bit hokey in pieces


(about "..economy? nah..renderer", the R****y person has requested that their big ego be protected from harm, ed.)

wturber> NW: well, expect 6.0 to be more expensive than 5.5.
R****y> I think it would become more powerful, but how much of it would be available to the masses then?
wturber> By the time that 6.0 ships, other prices may have dropped. Shoot - Max may even have a good renderer by then.
NightWulf> Wt yeah but how much? from 2k to at most 3k
R****y> Its possible. That program is evolving much faster than LW...
PremRElGy> wt: I don't think the Kinetix guys think there's anything wrong with their renderer.....
R****y> They used to think they're booleans were perfect too...
R****y> They were forced to see that they didn't quite work in the real world all the time.
R****y> If enough people complain about the look of the renderer, they might someday improve it.
wturber> anyway, there will be alternatives
wturber> and good things can be done with the Max renderer - perhaps it is harder, but they can be done. Lots of clients can't tell anyway.
R****y> Yup.


(about "...Bingo" by A|W's Chris Landreth, watch out, long one, ed.)

#lightwave * pyxlwyz has a bunch of pricks who don't know shit in #3dsmax
bashing Bingo and they are TOTALLY idiots

pyxlwyz> Look I apologize if I offended. I have been extra cranky since SIGGRAPH and I apologize. But I'm sorry, Chris' work was groundbreaking in more ways than one.
HeadcrasH> the problem with always dissecting is that you never get to enjoy the work as a whole
HeadcrasH> id: Oct. 2nd
pyxlwyz> Agreed HC
[A]> _that_ is your opinion
pyxlwyz> A; that is the opinion of someone who I am SURE knows more about general animation and 3D than you do. So you have your opinions, and if you want to learn something, we can discuss it offline.
HeadcrasH> goodnight people. I'm going home
HyperCube> oh you're SURE?
[A]> how arrogant
HyperCube> Not that I'm usually on "their" side but that was fucking snobby.
pyxlwyz> their being MAX?
HyperCube> well, the general populace from that channel, yeah..
HyperCube> there's always exceptions..
pyxlwyz> It was snobby on purpose and I am not usually that way Hyper, I think you know that. I try always to be humble, but I KNOW this business and Bingo breaks new ground. It just does.
[A]> I don't believe that max channel should be labeled as bingo-bashers... we expressed our opinion about it.. plenty of other people did so to
HyperCube> But you've certainly never demonstrated to ME that you know more about 3D and animation in general..
Taros> don't step to the cube :)
pyxlwyz> HC: Well I don't usually try to throw it in peoples faces, and I respect most opinions. This is RIDICULOUS though!
[A]> What is ridiculous? That I started talking about Bingo's faults instead of praising it endlessly and building a shrine to Chris Landreth?
Istari> i think most fx in film sucks.. there thats my opinion
id_> what is Bingo?
NullObj> You don't throw what in other people's faces? Your extraordinary talent in 3D and animation in general which dwarfs ours?
pyxlwyz> Null: No, my experience. I am in the heart and soul of it, and have been for many years. Whether you like it or not, that's just the truth
NullObj> And so have a great many of US, pyx.
[A]> pyxlwyz, ok, how did Bingo come to be labeled 'an amazing masterpiece'? was it given to it by people who saw it at siggraph?
NullObj> Whether you like it or not.
pyxlwyz> A: by most I know it was deemed amazingg, and these were ILM'ers, DD'ers. Tippett guys and more.
Fross> what was deemed amazing?
pyxlwyz> Null: I love it! What did you think of it>?
id_> where can I find out about this Bingo?
[A]> so, you believe that if ILM/DD called it 'amazing' the label sticks and the rest of us have to follow the suit
pyxlwyz> Everyone had different things they likes, and all had one or two things they didn't but general concencus at S98 from MAJOR people was... WOW.
throb_DD> ????
pyxlwyz> A; If you don't I feel sorry for you. These are the BEST of the best
pyxlwyz> Hey Rob
tradica> What is Bingo
NullObj> I've only seen bits of it, but that's not the point. Disrespecting somebody else's opinions on something and then saying that they don't know what they're talking about but you do is the most obnoxious behavior a person of your stature can partake in
pyxlwyz> A game old ladies play. :)
Fross> :)
throb_DD> bingo...bad character animation, but it was not final in e-theater so I will wait to pass final juudgement
[A]> NullObj, I agree
[A]> another case in point, pyxlwyz
HyperCube> I resent being felt sorry for because I may disagree with someone who you think has more value as a human being than I do because of their job.
throb_DD> it looked like mocap, with pops
pyxlwyz> Null: that is NOT what I have been saying and maybe it got lost in IRC speak. I was absolutely INCREDULOUS as to how someone could NOT see the amazing qualities it had, and only focus on what they thought were the negatives
[A]> pyxlwyz, you seem to think that if we are not from high-end studio we are not entitled to our own opinion and/or critique
throb_DD> can't he do something entertaining???
wturber> right - for instance HC likes 5th Element which is clearly crap - but I don't disrespect him for that. (not to mention south Park). ha ha ha ha
throb_DD> bingo was an exercise in the ability of maya.
pyxlwyz> Job is not the issue Hyper. Experience and talent is, and I don't dicsount your abilities
Cusp> No, he's an "artist". :)
NullObj> That may be true, but you still managed to sum it up as your experince being more valuable than others....many of whom are actually far more qualified in many fronts than you.
pyxlwyz> But when someone who did the Leeloo scene from 5th Element say Holy SHit! at Bingo, something is worthy of recognition.
Fross> Oh I saw parts of that...Bingo was that Maya Clown thing right?
tradica> throb: thanx
Saiy> WT: you don't like 5th Element or South Park? damn commie!!!! :)
pyxlwyz> Null, true to an extent.
throb_DD> thans for....
Cusp> Fross:Yes
[A]> pyxlwyz, incredulous? don't try to impose your views on me
wturber> saiy: no - that's socilist! :)
throb_DD> hell, i still think troopers should have won best vfx :)
Fross> Agreed throb!!!!
Cusp> Throb:I agree 100%
[A]> pyxlwyz, just because you think it's the most amazing piece of work out there doesn't mean that it's untouchable and not open to valid critique by others
pyxlwyz> A: That has nothing to do with it, all I am saying is HOW can you all pick it apart when almost EVERYONE I talked to at S98 LOVED it?!?!? There has to be a reason.
PremRelGy> I must admit, I didn't like 5th Element very much either....
pyxlwyz> I am not really talking about just how I fell
pyxlwyz> fell
pyxlwyz> feel! :)
[A]> you may not see its faults, but then you already consider yourself far above mere mortals
Saiy> damn commies poppin up everywhere! :)
throb_DD> i thought 5th was visually stunning. I am prolly gonna work with that vfx supervisor soon, and that is totally incredible
HyperCube> It's just as stupid to only point out the good things in a critique as it is to only point out the bad things..
_Draven> cusp: city stuff was mostly miniatures, vehicles were CG animaed in Houdini.
throb_DD> there was LOTS of city cg
Cusp> Drave: Yup...very nice composite job though...can you say LAYERS!!!
throb_DD> some vehicles were LW :)
Fross> kewl
wturber> HC: right - like I know of a guy that always harps on the stupid "pool toy" thing they stuck on the head of the opera singer in 5E. such a narrow focus is unreasonable.
PremRelGy> throb: I thought I heard that some of the cars were modeled in LW, but handed over to the Prisms/Houdini guys to animate.
pyxlwyz> Well you know what? I apologize. You all are entitled to your opinions, and I am sorry for stepping on your toes, cause half the time, I respect you all. :) But if you ask me, you all should be besting it, not bitching about it, cause it's some of the best 3D i've seen.
[A]> HyperCube, true... and don't let him tell you that i was only pointing out bad things.. I said that modeling, texturing, lighting was very nice...
throb_DD> there were lw rendered cars in 5th


(from "...#3dsmax? more Bingo" - how did this end up here? :-), ed.)

pyxlwyz> I read the manual, many times
mmyers> P Nurbs?
pyxlwyz> And many manuals. I only own like 8 copies
Epoch`_> ugh
Epoch`_> wasn't talking to you
Epoch`_> sorry if you got taht impression.
pyxlwyz> You are mister attitude tonite Epoch.
pyxlwyz> You ok?
MaxNewbie> Epoch, if I had the manual, I would read it
Drey> pyxlwyz, I thought you were the expert in everything
pyxlwyz> Who the HELL EVER said THAT?!?!?!?
pyxlwyz> I sure never did, that's not me
Drey> hehe
Drey> want a quote?
pyxlwyz> sure drey
Drey> A; that is the opinion of someone who I am SURE knows more about general animation and 3D than you do. So you have your opinions, and if you want to learn something, we can discuss it offline.


(about "..interactivity", ed.)

ZenZmurfy> SG and I really hate that anime shader doesnt work with the preview interactively
kennuf> spling, have you seen my orchid?
kennuf> spling. =)
SplineGod> Zen:I hear Max is interactive.. ;)
SplineGod> ken:yep
SplineGod> I sure have
ZenZmurfy> Spline but AT WHAT PRICE!!!! :o)
Draco_JJW> Spline; kinda sorta :^)...
SplineGod> Zen:its worth it to get that interactivity..:)


(about "Splines, Metanurbs, LW and 3DSMAX", ed.)

MattS> Splines are better than Metanurbs, except when they aren't.
Puppetmaster is better than bones, except for SplineGod.
LW is better than Max, except when it isn't.
Roy:Metanurbs are much better then true nurbs in yer money and get lightwave


(about "..motherload?" [did i forget to say my 'dongle' is larger than yours] , ed.)

SplineGod> Jess: let me put it this way, Sony pays me more then you and Drey combined to USE lightwave...thats good enough reason for me :)
E|_Jesse> well i think your dreaming
Drey> you don't know how much I get paid...
SplineGod> Fal: yea, I mean, I see Max stuff everywhere :)
Jess: hehe, you think so :)
E|_Jesse> yep
SplineGod> Drey: doesnt matter, I know I make more then you do :)

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