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TechZone Heading
3D Studio MAX FAQ
Added on: Tue Apr 16 2002
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D. System (cont.)

What do you consider the minimum specifications for a 3dsmax workstation?
I base this recommendation off current pricing in the hardware market. Because prices are ridiculously low, the recommendation is pretty hardcore. Of course you can definitely do 3D with systems much slower then these, but its far less fun.

512+ megabytes of DDR
Windows 2000 SP2
2.4B Intel Pentium IV or HIGHER
2000+ Athlon XP or HIGHER
OpenGL accelerator

Max is crashing frequently. Any ideas?
Try running your video card in software hEIDI. Try downloading the 4.2 Max4 patches at Check to see if crashes are occurring anywhere else with any other applications. Stop overclocking your video card/processor/FSB. Buy Windows 2000 and use it. Buy 3dsmax instead of trying to get a pirated product to work (grin).

Iíve heard of some problems with AMD systems and high end hardware. Do you know if a 3com 1Gbps NIC, Truevision Madras SDX, Mylex Controller, or Adaptec multichannel RAID controllers will work in consumer level AMD systems?
No, there have been reports that these components have compatibility problems with AMD and the VIA chipset. You are better off going with an Intel based solution.

These problems have not been reported with the new AMD760MP chipset.


How much ram is too much?
There is no such thing as too much ram in the 3D world. Normally itís a problem of not enough ram. 256 megabytes is close to the bare minimum to be able to functionally run 3dsmax. 512 megabytes is recommended, and some artists refuse to work on machines with less then 1024 megabytes of memory.

So if I have 128 megabytes of ram I should purchase some more?
Most definitely Yes.

My system keeps locking up. My local system admin Fred says I might have bad ram. How do I find out if my ram is bad, and what do I have to do to make it good again?
System instability can be caused by a variety of issues, one of which is ram which produces consistent errors under stress. This is usually caused by poor quality ram dims, which are usually purchased as generic or no-name branded dimms. To check if your ram is causing your lockups and stability problems, run memtest.

Memtest is available from Mushkin at . Memtest runs the ram through
a series of executions, to see if any errors occur. If they do occur, you need to replace the ram, or return it for a refund.
The only way to fix bad ram, is to replace it. If you were lucky enough to purchase from a brand name, like Mushkin, Crucial, Micron, or Corsair, you should have no problem returning it. Otherwise you might have to buy new sticks of ram.

The easiest way to prevent this problem, is by going with name brand, (Yes its more expensive) ram. There are many subtle differences between generic and brand name, most of which are virtually naked to the human eye. But trust me, you don't want to put crappy ram in that new Dual Athlon system, you'll be crying your eyes out if you do.

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