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3D Studio MAX FAQ
Added on: Tue Apr 16 2002
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C. Processors (cont.)

I donít understand these processor numbering systems. What chip goes with which socket/slot?

Intel Processor Designations

Pentium IV

Intel uses a A and B designation to denote Pentium IV Processor Type and Bus Speed.

An A designation denotes a Northwood Class CPU. These cpuís use a Socket 478, have an additional 256k l2 cache (for 512k Total) and are considerably faster and run cooler then their Williamante counterparts (Socket 423, 256k l2 cache). Northwoodís are not backwards compatible with Williamante, and will require new motherboards.

A B designation denotes a 533 FSB Northwood. These cpuís are Socket 478 but run at a 533 FSB. (Thus the motherboard must support this increased FSB)

SMT processors do not currently have a separate designation. Just look out for a higher price and a Hyperthreading or SMT denotation.


Intel uses a E, B, EB, and T designation for their Coppermine/Tualatin Line.

If an E follows the processor, ex 800E, it means it is an 800 megahertz Coppermine running at 100 Front Side Bus.

If a B follows the processor, ex 600B, it means the processor is a Pentium III, non Coppermine that runs at 133 Front Side Bus.

If an EB follows the processor, ex 600EB, it means the processor is a Coppermine that runs at 133 Front Side Bus.

There are two possible chip configurations for Pentium III boards, Slot 1, Slot 2, and FC-CPU or Socket 370.

Slot 1 is designated by a SECC2 configuration and will only work on Slot 1.
Slot 2 is a modified SECC2 for Xeon Processors. Slot 2 chips do not run in Slot 1 and vice versa.
FC-CPU is the socketed and latest version of Intel processors. It flips the core of the processor up for direct contact with the heatsink/cooling apparatus. Thus the term FC or Flip Chip. These chips only work in FC-CPU motherboards or in a Slot 1 motherboard if you use a slocket. (A slocket is a FC-CPU to Slot 1 Converter card.)

AMD Processor Designations

AMD uses an extremely confusing PR rating system to denote their various processor steppings. Any processor denoted with an XP or MP after a # is using this system. All of these processors are Socket 462 (Socket A).
There are four variants of this system. The initial XP/MP line, including the initial thoroughbreds, the rev B thoroughbreds, the rev B Tbredís at 333 FSB, and the upcoming Bartonís. (Except for the Bartonís and 333 Tbredís, All processors here use a 266 FSB)
Athlon XP/MP PR System
Athlon 1500+ XP 1.33 Gigahertz
Athlon 1600+ XP 1.40 Gigahertz
Athlon 1700+ XP 1.47 Gigahertz
Athlon 1800+ XP 1.53 Gigahertz
Athlon 1900+ XP 1.60 Gigahertz
Athlon 2000+ XP 1.67 Gigahertz
Athlon 2100+ XP 1.73 Gigahertz
Athlon 2200+ XP 1.80 Gigahertz (Tbred Rev A)
Athlon Tbred Rev B
Athlon 2400+ XP 2.00 Gigahertz
Athlon 2600+ XP 2.13 Gigahertz
Athlon 2800+ XP 2.27 Gigahertz
Athlon Tbred Rev B (333 FSB)
Athlon 2300+ XP 1.87 Gigahertz
Athlon 2500+ XP 2.00 Gigahertz
Athlon 2700+ XP 2.13 Gigahertz
Athlon 2900+ XP 2.27 Gigahertz
Barton (512k l2 cache, 333 FSB)
Barton 2800+ XP 2.13 Gigahertz
Barton 3000+ XP 2.27 Gigahertz

Are you confused? So is everyone else. What is AMD thinking?

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