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TechZone Heading
3D Studio MAX FAQ
Added on: Tue Apr 16 2002
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C. Processors (cont.)

I'm extremely confused. I'm thinking of buying processor X but I can't seem to figure out what motherboard I should get. What chipset is for what chip?

For AMD based solutions: Socket A

KT133 - Original SDRAM Via Chipset for Socket A , 200 FSB support Ata-66
KT133A - Refined SDRAM Via Chipset for Socket A, 266 FSB support. Ata-100
KLE133 - Onboard Ethernet, VGA, sound. 200/266 FSB. Socket A. Ata-100
SIS 735- Onboard Ethernet, sound. 100/133/200/266 FSB. Socket A. SDRAM/DDR

DDR: PC2100
KT266 - Original DDR Via Chipset for Socket A(2-3 Unbuffered Dims) ATA100
KT266A - Improved DDR Via Chipset. Better Memory Controller/Buffers
KT333- Support for PC2700 DDR. ATA-100/133. USB2.0, Tbred
KT400- Support for 333 FSB, 8x AGP, Serial-ata, USB 2.0, Tbred.
AMD760 - AMD DDR solution. (2 Unbuffered, 4 Registered Dims) ATA100
Ali Magik - Ali Chipset for DDR. Stability and Performance issues.
SIS 735 - Northbridge/Southbridge Combined.
SIS 745- PC2700, Lan, Sound. North and South combined.
AMD760MP - AMD Dual Chipset. Dual Athlon 4 MP, 4 Registered ECC Dims.
Nforce 220- Nvidia Motherboard. Dolby audio. Integrated Video.
Nforce 415- Integrated Nvidia Dolby Sound. AGP4x
Nforce2 8x AGP, Dual Channel DDR. Nvidia Sound/Video. Tbred.

Intel Based

Coppermine PC100/133:
440BX - Older Intel chipset. Supports 100 FSB through SDRAM. Newer revisions support Coppermine. Very stable, very fast at 133. Dual and Single Boards. Slot 1 and Socket 370.

440GX - Workstation chipset. Supports Dual and up to 4 gigs of PC100/133 SDRAM. Very stable. Supports Coppermine through later revisions. Slot 1

Intel 810 - 66/100 FSB. Integrated VGA. Designed for Celeron and PII.
Intel 810E: - 133/100/66 FSB. Integrated Sound and AGP. Slot 1 or Socket 370/Fc-Cpu
Intel 810E2 - Same as 810E with an Improved memory controller.
Intel 815G - Integrated Video. Ata-66. Same as 810E2.
Intel 815EP - 133/100/66 FSB. Supports all Socket 370/Fc-Cpu's and Cyrix Based.

Apollo 133 - Initial Via Coppermine chipset. Ata-66
Apollo 133A - Via Coppermine chipset revision. Increased stability. Ata-66
Apollo 133T - Via chipset with additional support for Tualatin. Ata-66

PLE133 - Via Apollo chipset with onboard Ethernet, sound, VGA. Ata-100.
PLE133T - Via Apollo Tualatin Chipset. Onboard Ethernet, sound, VGA. Ata-100.

Coppermine DDR:
Apollo Pro266 - Via DDR chipset for Intel Coppermine. 4 Gigs of DDR support.
Apollo Pro266T - Additional support for Tualatin. (DDR Via chipset)

Coppermine Rambus:
Intel 820 Up to 1 Gig of Rambus. Ata-66

Intel 840 - Slot 2 Xeon Support. Rambus memory. Sever Motherboard.100/133 FSB.

Xeon Rambus:
Intel 860 - Pentium IV Xeon. Dual config. Rambus Memory.

Xeon DDR:
Intel E7500 Chipset- DDR support. 400 FSB. Up to 2.8 Gigahertz.

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