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TechZone Heading
3D Studio MAX FAQ
Added on: Tue Apr 16 2002
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E. RAM (cont.)

What are PC100, PC133, PC1600,PC2100 PC2700, PC3000,PC3200 and PC600, PC800, and PC1000 Ram?
PC100 is SDRAM which runs at 100 FSB.
PC133 is SDRAM which runs at 133 FSB.
PC1600 is Double Data Rate SDRAM which runs at 200 FSB.
PC2100 is Double Data Rate SDRAM which runs at 266 FSB.
PC2700 is Double Data Rate SDRAM which has the capability of running at 333 FSB.
PC3000 is Double Data Rate SDRAM which has the capability of running at 333-400 FSB.
PC3200 is Double Data Rate SDRAM which has the capability of running at 400 FSB.
PC600 is 600 megahertz Rambus Rimms, designed for Pentium IV and Xeon Processors
PC800 is 800 ----||----
PC1060 is 1060 ----||----

Didn't you used to say Rambus sucks at this part of the FAQ?
Intel recently abandoned Rambus as their mainstream Pentium IV/Northwood memory system. DDR has since replaced it, starting with the Intel I845D motherboards. So I don't need to point out that it sucks now, because Intel did it for me.

However this is not entirely true. New information is pointing that Rambus may be the superior solution at 2.2+ Gigahertz, as the high bandwidth needs of the Pentium IV and Northwood processors are stressing DDR to the limit. Though donít get too excited, cause Ramous is being finally replaced by Intelís Dual Channel DDR chipsets. Soon Rambus will be all but extinct.

Will DDR SDRAM work in any motherboard?
The board has to have the correct chipset to support DDR. Examples are, AMD 760, KT266, and the ALI MAGiK1.

Will PC133 work on a 100 megahertz FSB motherboard?
Yes, you can always put faster memory in a slower slot. You canít however put slower memory at a faster FSB speed.

I have X amount of ram. When I am rendering in 3dsmax, the render dialog box
shows that 3dsmax is only using (Less then X) amount of physical ram, and that a large amount of virtual memory is in use. How do I get max to use all of my physical memory when rendering?

This is an easy solution. 3dsmax doesn't correctly display the amount of ram in use while rendering. This is something that can't be fixed. The best way to figure out the total amount of ram in use is to open task manager (Ctrl-alt-del) and go to the performance tab. As for virtual memory, 3dsmax will always use virtual memory and there is not anyway to "force" 3dsmax to just use physical ram.

However this does not mean that 3dsmax is "paging". Paging occurs when 3dsmax runs out of physical ram when rendering.
You'll notice your system paging from the rather loud crunching noises coming from your harddrive, with a noticable performance hit to the render. (This is also checked through the performance tab in Win2k Task Manager) This can be solved by either optimizing your scene or purchasing more ram.

F. Cooling/Stability

My system sucks. It locks up all the time. What could be wrong?
The three most common causes of instability are the ram, power supply, and processor heat. There are a variety of ways to trouble shoot theseÖand all of them can be found in the new Troubleshooting FAQ at
    1) The Power Supply: Remove all peripherals you don't need. These include all non critical devices. The CDROM's, extra hard drive's, floppy and zip drives,
    extra case fans, etc. If the system disappears when the extra power drain is gone, then you found your problem.

    2) The Ram: This topic was covered earlier in the Faq. Run Memtest.

    3) The Temp: Open the Side of your case. Find a large box fan, or oscillating fan. With the fan about 3-4 ft away from case (remember its not magnetically shielded, don't put it too close or your hard drive will blow up), and turn that sucker on full blast.
    With the insane amount of airflow blowing over the motherboard, try and run the utilities and programs you run normally and see if the error occurs.
    If the errors disappear, you need to upgrade your heatsink and case cooling.

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