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TechZone Heading
3D Studio MAX FAQ
Added on: Tue Apr 16 2002
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C. Processors (cont.)

Intel Based

Pentium 4 Rambus:
Intel 850 - Single Pentium IV motherboard. Rambus. Ata-100.
Intel 850E PC1066 Rambus Support. ATA-133. 533/400 FSB. AGP Pro. Sound.

Pentium 4 PC133:
Intel 845 - PC133 SDRAM on a 400 megahertz QDR FSB. Piss poor performance.

Pentium 4 DDR:
Via P4X266 - Via P4 Chipset, 4 Gigs of DDR support, Faster then Intel's 845 and 850.
Via P4X400 PC3200 Support. AGP Pro 8x. 533/400 FSB, Ata-133, Lan, Audio.
Intel 845D- Intel Core. PC2100, 533/400 FSB.
Intel 845G VGA, Audio, Lan. 533/400 FSB.
Intel 845PE- True 333 DDR support. 533/400 FSB. Lan/Audio. SMT.
Intel 845GE- with integrated Video. Hyperthreading Enabled.
Intel GB- Granite Bay Chipset. 8x AGP, DCDDR, Serial-ata. 533/400. SMT.
SIS 645DX PC2700 DDR, Integrated Audio/Lan, ATA-133, 533/400 FSB
SIS 648 AGP 8x, Lan, Serial-ata, Firewire, Audio, PC2700, 533/400 FSB.

D. System

I have Windows 98/Me. Is this a good operating system for running professional applications on? Will I experience crash free, bugless, speedy performance?
No, No, No and Absolutely positively No. Windows 98/Me are consumer based operating systems, they are unstable, have an inability to deal with large amounts of ram, and are not viable choices for a stable base of operations. If you have this operating system,
your FIRST purchase before getting 3dsmax should be Windows 2000 or a WinNT based operating system. 90% of all 3dsmax problems are usually solved by getting rid of Win98/Me.

Max is running really slow. Is there a way I can improve performance?
The first thing to look at is where your performance is lagging. Are your renders too slow? Is your viewport lagging when your manipulating your models?

The first thing to start off with, is make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card, operating system, and 3dsmax. (3dsmax 4.2P is the latest version). Also check your motherboard manufacturer for bios updates and information that could increase performance.

Also don't forget chipset drivers, be it Via 4 in 1, or Intel AGP drivers. They can make an enormous difference in speed.

Next try tweaking about in the bios and see if you can get some extra performance out of your system. A variety of bios information sites exist on the web, here's one to get you started.

If your performance is still lagging while your render, check your ram usage using the task manager. If your running out of physical ram, you may find that increasing the amount of ram in your system will greatly increase your rendering performance. However this is only going to help if your running OUT OF ram.

The only thing left to do is to replace your cpu with a faster version. Rendering is purely an FPU function, which is all CPU based. Thus the only way to increase the raw speed is to up your horsepower by upgrading your primary cpu.

If your viewports are lagging, try new video drivers, the softquadro mod if you have a nvidia accelerator, or you may have to invest in a faster card. You could also actually try optimizing your mesh's and use the display floater to reduce the polygons in the viewport.

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