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TechZone Heading
3D Studio MAX FAQ
Added on: Tue Apr 16 2002
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A. Video Card Questions (cont.)

I thought cards based on the Geforce chipset were designed for games? Why are they being recommended for 3D applications?
The Geforce line of video cards are professional OpenGL accelerators hidden behind the mask of a gaming card. With the advancement of gaming technology a hardware transforming and lighting engine was integrated into the cards, greatly accelerating their ability to manipulate a large # of polygons in a viewport

I bought X graphics card. It doesnít seem to make 3dsmax any faster. What gives?
First try switching to openGL or direct3d by using the 3dsmax.exe -h start option. If that doesnít work, your card might not be designed for 3d application acceleration, which means its not going to make much difference and might even slow the viewports down by inducing bugs. In that situation usually check with the manufacture, or run software hEIDI.

I purchased an Nvidia Geforce2 based video card as suggested by a friend. I noticed I get a weird click delay sometimes in 3dsmax. Is there a way to fix this?
First make sure your using updated video card drivers from
If that doesn't solve your problem, make sure that Anti-Aliasing is OFF in the OpenGL/D3D roll-out under display-properties-geforce2 panel-advanced-openGL.

If the problem persists, turn off dual-planes support in 3dsmax under customize/preferences. Sometimes this is also due to a bug found in win2k/Via systems. Check
and for the latest 4 in 1 drivers, and make sure that your using the Latest service pack for windows 2000.
Finally verify that your using the latest version of your Max release, 3.1 for Max3 and 4.2 for Max4.

B. Dual Display

My cousinís best friends father gave me a second monitor. How do I go about setting up a dual display in win2k and in 3dsmax?

There are two ways to go about doing this. The easiest and least painful is to purchase a card with dual-head already built in. Examples of such cards are:
G400, G450, G550
Geforce 2 MX (twin view)
Geforce 4 Ti 4200,
Geforce 4 Ti 4400,
Geforce 4 Ti 4600,
Quadro 700XL,
Quadro 750 XL,
Quadro 900XL,
Radeon VE,
Radeon 7500,
Radeon 8500,
Radeon 9000,
Radeon 9500 Pro,
Radeon 9700 Pro,
FireGL 8800,
FireGL 4,
FireGL X1,
Wildcat III 6110,
Wildcat III 6210,
Wildcat IV 7110,
Wildcat IV 7210,
Wildcat VP560,
Wildcat VP760,
Wildcat VP870,
Wildcat VP970.

(This list is taking way to long to type up now)These cards are relatively easy to setup and you'll get an extended desktop across both monitors.
In some cases, with the non-professional cards, you won't get OpenGL acceleration across both monitors. (Or at least greatly reduced performance)

The second way to use a dual monitor setup is to use two graphics cards from the same manufacturer. This allows you to have a dual accelerated display, which single card solutions do not allow. The most common example of this setup is using two Nvidia based graphic cards.

Usually a Geforce 3 Ti for the primary AGP card, and a secondary PCI card GF2 MX/TNT2/TNT1 based on the same chipset. (In this case, any Nvidia card).
It is important that both cards use the same driver set as it prevents a lot of problems from occurring.

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