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TechZone Heading
Workstation Smackdown (Nvidia Quadro DCC review)
Added on: Mon Feb 04 2002
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This technology revolutionizes viewport interactivity, allowing for multitexturing, bumpmaping, and even reflection mapping, to be seen in realtime within the viewport windows, allowing for artists to concentrate more on their art, and less on waiting to see how the render or game engine showcases their textures. (Of course this means less Quake breaks in the office)

But, I seem to have only mentioned one of the new technologies showcased within the DCC, what about vertex shaders?

A vertex is defined as a point in space, along the X,Y, and Z axis. Vertex shaders deal with the manipulation of these points, in a programmable fashion. (Not the GAP).
This allows vertices in space to be moved, transformed, and even displaced by athematical formulas.

This just adds to the interactivity even more, and will only be more supported as time progresses. This new technology also increases the number of matrixes available in skinning operations from 2, to 32 per vertex. Just a little blurb for all those character studio workers out there =).
But that�s not all! The DCC also has specific Max features through Elsa�s maxextreme drivers.

There are many other important and awesome features of the Nvidia Quadro DCC, but a lot of them are very technical and available all over the web.
If you feel your techno brains haven�t been satisfied enough yet, check out some of the following sites. You can also check these sites if you enjoy proving a guy wrong that just spent three months collecting over 768 numbers to collaborate a few graphs so that you guys would actually know what you were buying.

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