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TechZone Heading
Workstation Smackdown (Nvidia Quadro DCC review)
Added on: Mon Feb 04 2002
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Multitexture (1600x1200x32 100 frames)

How to kill an accelerator. Play this scene. Featuring more textures then the entire 3dcafe website, this scene wrecks utter havoc on any accelerator you throw at it. Because of the wide spread performance (or lack of) with this scene, this might be attributed to more a scene or Max issue.

Rasterize (1600x1200x32 1000 Frames)

I don�t really have much to say about this scene. Its pretty uninteresting. I call it primitive park. No really I don�t have anything to say. It�s a max scene, the camera is rotating around it, its Rasterizing something or other. (Yes I did look up rasterization. I even asked some people.
Nobody can quite figure out why the heck this scene is called rasterization. And that�s the truth.)

Texture1 (1600x1200x32 750 Frames)

Let the texturing begin. The next few tests show these cards abilities of dealing with various texture sizes, amounts, and detail. The Geforce 3 line has a sizable advantage here, due to the lightspeed memory architecture. It's interesting to note, that even with the increased bandwidth available to the Ti 500, the DCC still keeps pace with it, due to the superior maxextreme set.

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