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ArtZone Heading
"In the Lab"
Added on: Fri Aug 09 2002
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A re-scaled version from the fireplace arch was used for the main archs.

The hard work was to handle all this amount of objects, and of course the Texturing and Lighting stages.


The smoke was created using an emitter and a volumetric shader (Pyrocluster for Cinema4D plugin).
In order to get the shape I like (scaping to the aperture), I went the other way around. I used a path for the emitter, and I animated it. If this was an animation instead of a still image, we could see how the smoke goes from the aperture to the stove, (like a flaming meteor) :)
This way was faster than doing a larger amount of tests with deflectors and wind - an advantage for still images :)

I tried different adjustments/tests to find an appropriate aspect. I got the aspect that I liked, using a secondary emitter for the flame with a dense smoke, and leaving the first one only for the thin smoke.

Volumetric shaders took some unnecessary computing time in the shading/lighting stage.
Since Cinema4D users usually don�t wait more than a few minutes for a render, it was hard for me to use this volumetric shader which takes several hours to render, but the results are very satisfactory for me.

I left the smoke emitter for use only in the final image. Also, some no-volumetric smoke was added in the lighting stage.


I used fractals, maps and materials with special properties to create all the textures.
Fractals are appropriate to create the rough stone texture, additional dirt, bumps, etc
Mostly textures used are stone maps, and wood maps.

Any materials were painted, like the amphors texture, the book, jar tags, oxide on the wood, dirt, etc.

In addition some materials are special materials like the small door in the stove, which is a material with luminance and glow (inside fire). The glass/liquid material which is a material (90-95% transparency) whith raytrace reflection, enviroment map, and refraction, also a bit of Fresnel (gradient ramp for the edges) was loaded in the luminance channel, to give the adequate aspect for the porcelain jars and sulphur materials.

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