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FunZone Heading
Ways to talk to an employer

The "First Step"

(someone) how do i apply for a job with (employer's company)?
(employer) talk to me directly,
(employer) or mail me,
(employer) or write a letter to the office in (some place in Europe)
(employer) and send a reel.
(someone) ok what is a reel i admit im a begginer but im a very dedicated and fast learner
(employer) A demo tape.
(employer) VHS,
(employer) preferable no longer than 3-4 minutes.
(someone) of what mysef? like an interview or something
(employer) Sheeshhh.... LOL
(employer) ROTFL
(employer) Sorry...
(employer) No, of your work, of course :-)
(someone) lol what?
(someone) lol i was wondering!
(someone) how do i get it on video tape
(employer) You'd need the right equipment to output to tape.
(someone) do i have to live where you live or can u live anywhere
(employer) live where I live?
(employer) I doubt that's a good idea... I'm not running a hotel. :-)
(employer) do you hire people outside of the company?
(employer) We only employ full time. No commissions, only bonusses for hard work and overtime pay as usual. Filled fridges. Catering on the office grounds every day twice a day.
(someone) well what is the pay like if i work for you is it commission or what i mean?
(employer) Pay depends on a lot of things.
(employer) Runs from around $40K/year for starters and goes up from there.
(someone) how much longer do u plan on running the company and how succesfful is it
(employer) I own it, so............. :-)
(employer) It's very successful.
(employer) We went from 1 person, just myself, in '88, to what we are now.
(someone) do you require a college degree or anything
(employer) Actually,
(employer) I don't care about degrees at all.
(employer) The only two things that count to us are;
(employer) 1) quality work
(employer) 2) experience and skill
(employer) 3) being part of a team operation
(someone) ok well d you expect to bea roudn 3 years from now
(employer) I certainly hope so! :-))
(someone) so you wouldnt let anyone work for you that isnt there i mean do work and send it to you or whatever
(employer) It would be impossible.....
(employer) For one,
(employer) you wouldn't be able to afford the tools...
(employer) and second, it is all teamwork which can't be done if everyone works off-site.
(someone) ok well do you accept americans
(employer) Sure.
(employer) We have Americans working here.
(someone) do u train?
(employer) No.
(someone) u provide software on your office computers?
(employer) Duh. Of course :-)
(employer) Do you think we work without software? :-)))
(someone) lol nah ok here is the deal with me though if i train myself 3 years to be real good im gonna come work for u
(employer) Sure... hehe
(someone) thing is im in the US army and i cant leave:(
(employer) ah.
(employer) Well, we're not hiring right now anyway, so nothing lost there.
(someone) ok but im telling you i want you to mold me to what u want and let me work for you in 3 years
(employer) mold you? :-)
(someone) yea ill be in here everyday talking to you im serious i will put blood sweat and tears into this learnign how but i need to talk to you on a regular basis
(employer) And you expect to learn that way?
(employer) I doubt that'll help your learning curve.
(someone) lol funny well basiucally ill do what it takes
(employer) Buy a copy of MAX, or Maya, or Softimage, and read the manuals, learn... the only way to learn is to 'do'.
(someone) my friend has a copy i use it on his computer but i mean i want to work for you ill do what it takes
(employer) A copy?
(employer) Of MAX, or Maya, or soft, or.....
(someone) max
(someone) no he bought it silly
(employer) Ah.
(someone) but i mean
(employer) Yes, I meant which software.
(someone) it was pretty expensive but i guess thats what coming from a rich family does for u thats what i want to do is make moeny so i can afford stuff like that
(employer) Makes sense. And in general it's not even all that expensive, MAX, that is.
(someone) it is on my pay
(employer) Ah. Yes.... :-\
(someone) so i mean whats upyou will learn im a hard worker just help me give me a chance u know
(employer) How do you expect me to help you learn?
(someone) tell me the proper resources on the web and answer a question if i have it i mean just dont forget about me
(employer) Right.
(employer) Well,
(employer) go to the links page.
(employer) That'll probably provide you with enough material :-)
(someone) ok but i mean i want to become friends with you i want to work with you bad and i have a big imagination
(employer) hehe.... why me, though?
(someone) well for 1 no one else has talked to me this long with this much patience hehe and u are the man i need to know for the job you said and you seem knowledgabel
(someone) able
(employer) hehe.... well, I guess that since '88 I do know a little of everything. :-)
(someone) i want you to mentor me ill pay you
(employer) LOL
(someone) lol what?im serious
(employer) So am I.
(employer) I'm a bad mentor, though...
(employer) I don't have much 'touch' with the old days anymore,
(employer) hard to place myself in a beginner's shoes.
(someone) no you arnt i mean you know your stuff have some confidence be like me im burtsing with it
(employer) ok :-)
(someone) you know your stuff that much is for certain but i want you to teach me
(employer) You first need to learn a lot of the basics, though...
(someone) ok well teach me
(employer) I'm not online all the time, though...
(employer) My IRC runs pretty much 24/7,
(employer) but I'm not always online...
(someone) u use mIRC?
(employer) Yes
(someone) i can even wrtie killer mIRC scripts for the channel took em a lil while to lear that but i becams eone of the best
(employer) Ah. Well, the channel isn't mine... I don't operate the bots here.
(someone) well ill come online when u are on
(employer) That's what I mean. You might see "(employer)" online, but that's just one machine here which runs all the time. Doesn't mean I'm at the machine like now.
(someone) lol i am!!! i will stay on all night if it means learning take me as your apprentice
(someone) lol
(employer) hehe... provided I'd even have the time.
(someone) i got 3 years uncle sams got my butt for 3 more years you have time to mold me into what u want
(employer) mold is something that grows on rotten fruit, though... :-)))
(someone) lol ewwwww
(someone) ok well how about it then after i get out of the army i come work for you
(employer) You will need to pass the criteria, though...
(someone) and what is that
(employer) Skill, experience, insight, etc.
(someone) i will be ready for the tests when the time comes
(employer) No tests involved. Just a good reel showing your skills.
(someone) im gonna be your main man i mean if u take me as your apprentice im gonna be what you want
(employer) You would need much more experience for that, though :-)
(someone) hey all i got is time i dont have my own car after work ill just go to my friends and play on it and practice then come here and learn from you at night
(employer) You didn't ask if I had the time for that, though.
(someone) lol do you?i will take ANY time i can get 5 min a day 10 min a day whatever
(employer) Normally I don't. Today has been an odd day,
(employer) start of the weekend.
(employer) Been hanging around at the office.
(someone) ok well im telling u i will do what it takes
(employer) Let me ask you something else first...
(employer) Why do you want to work at (employer's company)?
(employer) I mean, you don't know the company, I take it?
(someone) because my true love in life is to create things whether it be drawing on paper or building a house but the ultimate is creating people and worlds and with a computer u can do that and if i were to get paid to do my love i would be just i mean the perfect life
(someone) plus i like the feeling of being part of the family so to speal
(someone) k
(employer) OK, that makes sense.... but why (employer's company), what do we have to offer that another place wouldn't?
(someone) i like where everyone knows you not like where you are just another number
(employer) That sounds like (employer's company) to some degree.
(someone) plus u all get on irc and chat i mean it just sounds perfect and i mean im talking to the boss and he is as cool as they come dont act stuck up or anything i mean
(employer) Well, yes and no. We come on IRC now and then, but we're not here all the time and we mostly keep to ourselves in other places.
(someone) i come from getting up at 530 every day doing exercise then doing army work i mean im living a disciplined lifestyle i want to do something i enjoy
(employer) I can imagine ! :-)
(someone) teach me mu tah loil from kickboxer with van damme
(employer) hehe
(someone) teach me, skill me, train me make me a project- the ultimate project a human one
(employer) Hmm... aren't you getting started a bit too fast? :-)
(someone) what do u mean
(employer) Well, you have a lot to learn first, lots of basics.
(employer) That takes a lot of time.
(someone) i got time
(employer) :-)
(someone) so what do u say
(employer) Well, go study the basics first.
(someone) ok well tell me what you consider basics
(employer) Pfew...
(employer) 3d modeling,
(employer) wireframes,
(employer) animation basics
(employer) concepts about imagery.
(employer) Image processing.
(employer) Knowledge of the program you'd work and learn with, etc.
(someone) i will use max
(employer) Splines, NURBS, curves, surfaces, etc.
(someone) well then what is advacned?
(employer) Effects work, particles, dynamics, layers, matting, matching, etc.
(someone) so what must i do for you to mentor me
(employer) Learn the basics of MAX for one.
(someone) and?
(employer) And go from there.
(someone) you dont want to test my dedication?
(employer) No.
(employer) I don't doubt your dedication.
(employer) But you haven't done any 3D yet...
(employer) So for all we know you might not like it,
(employer) not have the artistic feel for it,
(employer) or the technical skills.
(someone) i will i have no doubt i have a high 3d force leve lol
(employer) Drive is one thing.... but that's not what makes a good artist, though.
(someone) imagination , smart what else
(employer) skill, and insight.
(someone) skil comes with knowledge and thats what i need to be taught
(employer) But knowledge alone isn't enough... theory is one thing, practice another.
(someone) ill just make this one statement when the time comes ill be ready i guaruntee
(employer) Let's hope so :-)
(someone) but you will be keeping in contact with me right
(employer) Sure...
(employer) When I'm around.
(someone) how much do u charge
(employer) For what?
(employer) We charge suites differently,
(employer) depending on what is needed to get the job done, etc.
(someone) how much is your ocmpany worth
(employer) Not very little. :-)
(someone) wow thats good i want to work for you dont you have somethign i coudl do now like secretary work or somethign int he mean time lol
(employer) You're the wrong gender for that... :-))))
(someone) lol no im not thats what i do in the army!
(employer) Haha... yeah, but we're not a military compound :-))
(someone) ok well what do u have i could do for u now
(employer) I can't think of any unless you're an experienced Flame artist or a developer with strong knowledge and experience with the MAX SDK.
(someone) ok flame artist what is that
(employer) Someone who's skilled in using Discreet Flame*
(employer) Not someone who sets stuff on fire, that is :-)
(someone) thats a program discreet flame??
(employer) Yes.
(someone) who do u rate as your #1 artist
(employer) In the company?
(someone) yea
(employer) Has to be (employer's collegue). He's our main 3D guru here.
(someone) u pay on weekly salary r what
(employer) monthly
(someone) how much or does it matter on the perosn
(employer) Depends on the work involved, yes.
(employer) And it depends on the age/experience too.
(someone) say i just come in what would u start me at
(employer) That would all depend on where your skill and experience is at.
(someone) what is rock bottom starting pay
(employer) about $32K/year
(someone) is that american money
(employer) Yes
(employer) Though we pay in local currency.
(employer) I'm just converting it roughly in the back of my head
(someone) what do u pay your best guy
(employer) $140K/year. But he spends nearly every weekend here and does a lot of work.
(someone) i want to be your go to guy
(employer) You would need 15+ years experience first. :-)))
(someone) why is that
(employer) Experience comes with time, practical experience, work experience. And that is what I will pay for.
(someone) sounds fair so what is the most i could make if i started working for you and iw as real good
(someone) whats the highest ud start me out at
(employer) I can't tell you without being able to assess your skill and experience.
(someone) whats the most ud start anyone out at
(employer) That depends on the work they would be doing, development, production work, direction, editing, etc.
(someone) well 32 is good to me
(employer) You're talking about getting hired while you haven't done anything 3D yet.....
(someone) lol hey got to have goals
(employer) hehe, that's true.
(someone) so lets talk are you the best or is your goto guy
(employer) I don't actively produce or develop much myself. I only chip in when needed, do TD work, but mostly manage... meetings, contracts, negotiations, etc.
(someone) u always use this same nick
(employer) Yes
(someone) ok good

..and that's about it, for now.

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