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The Artists
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Currently displaying artists that use If you select from the drop-down menu the listing will update. There are 32 artists on this site.

Artists (if any) that were added in the past 7 days are bright lighted and those who updated their websites in the past 7 days are dark lighted.
Handle (Link)       Full Name Last Update 3D Application
ambitron        James Webb  Jan 09  Discreet 3DSMAX
AndyBa        Andrei Baca  Dec 10  Discreet 3DSMAX
Avatar        Dennis Moellers  Oct 21  Discreet 3DSMAX
aya        Ayman Kamel  Jan 08  Discreet 3DSMAX
bogdan        Bogdan Iliesiu  Dec 11  Discreet 3DSMAX
CCrat        Enrique Caballero  Nov 29  Discreet 3DSMAX
chrisann        Anne Monti  Oct 31  Discreet 3DSMAX
chuela        Javier Martinez  Feb 11  Softimage XSI
clisk3d        Peter Starostin  Jan 07  Discreet 3DSMAX
Crossbow        Greg Hess  Jan 11  Discreet 3DSMAX
dach        Yaroslav S. Graboskyy  Feb 03  Discreet 3DSMAX
Fantasy3d        Anatoliy Meymuhin  Nov 29  Discreet 3DSMAX
Fetus        Ryan Love  Apr 18  A|W Maya
grayson        Grayson Chalmers  Dec 13  Discreet 3DSMAX
GRID        Lars M�rtensson  Jan 01  Discreet 3DSMAX
Gunnah        Chris Pember  Dec 17  Discreet 3DSMAX
ly        Tam�s Varga  Jun 05  Discreet 3DSMAX
Marcosss        Marcos Fajardo  Apr 03  Arnold Rendering System
necro        Martin Aichner  Jan 28  Discreet 3DSMAX
Oblivion        Giorgio Stark  Oct 23  Newtek Lightwave3D
orenbentov        Oren BenTov  Jan 04  Discreet 3DSMAX
pascalb        Pascal Blanch�  Jan 08  Discreet 3DSMAX
Quazzimo        Ismail Koroglu  Aug 06  Newtek Lightwave3D
Refracted        Andr� Richard  Nov 24  Discreet 3DSMAX
ripLEE        Riplee Floyd  Jan 07  Newtek Lightwave3D
Robix        R�bert Kov�cs  Oct 03  A|W Maya
RogueLdr        Adam Baroody  Feb 06  Discreet 3DSMAX
s3rial        Thiago Costa  Apr 28  Softimage XSI
sforsyth        Sean Forsyth  Feb 18  Discreet 3DSMAX
Talisman        Elco Vossers  Dec 04  A|W Maya
Viola        Flavio Meibach Rosa  Nov 25  A|W Maya
vortex        Alexander Hemery  Jan 04  Softimage XSI

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