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ArtZone Heading
Advanced IK Setups
Added on: Thu Aug 03 2000
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You can make the boot first, and then position the joints in more precise positions. Once you have the joints of the boot matched up with the joints of our leg to toe skeleton chain, you can then place a rotation end effector at the ball of the foot joint like in the diagram.

We will need 2 dummies to control the boot. So create 2 dummies. One under the heal, and the other under the toe as depicted in the diagram. Now Link the root of the chain to the dummy at the toe (Foot position controller)

Now lets link the rotation end effector to the heal controller. In order to do that, we need to go to the motion panel, and select our rotation end effector. At the bottom of the motion panel, you'll see "End Effector Parent" Click Link, and select the "Heal controller dummy".

Ok by now you should have this. (See image Step 4).
Notice i have also placed a dummy object at the root of the entire skeletal system. You should do this aswell, and then parent the Root to the dummy.

The boot is in place... . Lets look at how the boot works.

Rotate the heal controller dummy object (See image Step 5) When you rotate the heal controller, the bone on the back or "heal bone" should rotate with it. If you rotate the Foot controller dummy, the entire boot should rotate.

As you can see, we now have controll of our boot. This boot will drive the animation of our skeletal chain. Lets hook them up.

Putting your Boot on

Putting the boot on is fairly simple. All you have to do is parent the propper end effector to the propper bone or controller of the boot.

In Step 6, (See image Step 6) The white lines symbolize linking. It should be self explanatory. Note that when you do this, your boot should be matched up with the foot bones of the skeleton. In the example i've moved the boot off of the foot in order to clarify what is happening.

The Result

Now that we've created a leg and boot, it should all work. Go ahead and test it out. If it doesnt work, or you'd like to see the entire working leg/foot skeleton, load up this example file: Type 1 example file

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