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ArtZone Heading
Advanced IK Setups
Added on: Thu Aug 03 2000
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IK Advice (cont.)

  • Biped supports layers for animation like photoshop has layers for painting. Biped is also a great way to edit motion, weather it be motion capture or hand animation. Its NOT a tool that creates canned animation. It's NOT a footstep only tool. It IS an IK system, and on top of that it is a FK system that seamlessly work at the same time. There is no switching from IK to FK. So next time you hear "biped is for people that cant animate" Challenge that point.

    Because really Biped is a tool for people that just want to animate. Its very Stop Motion'ish It allows the animator to animate and not worry about his setup. Check it out. But again with all of this said, Biped does not replace the need for a good IK system. AND... A good IK system does not replace Biped.

  • Conclusion

    In conclusion i hope this has been helpfull. Setting up skeletons in any package can be complex. So if you dont understand everything, don't worry. It will come with experience. I personally recommend animating with biped whenever possible because its ik and fk are incredibly powerfull. Especially if you're coming from a softimage and maya background, because max's IK can be very tricky and inaccurate when it comes down to it. And again, the FK / IK is just invalueable.

    I should add that the Type 2 setup is kind of tricky in some situations becareful forexample when animating a character turning around and walking in the other direction. While the Type 2 setup is very useable, I havent tested it much. Type 1 is a lot more stable but of course you lose controll of the knee position.
    Anyways.... I hope you learned atleast 1 new thing from this:)

    Here are the all of the scene files used in this Tutorial:

    Type 1 example file - (3D-Studio Max 3.0 Only)

    Type 2 without expressions example scene - (3D-Studio Max 3.0 Only)

    Type 2 with expressions example scene - (3D-Studio Max 3.0 Only)

    Take care and be do atleast one nice thing for someone each day.
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