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ArtZone Heading
"My Little Ocean"
Added on: Tue Mar 26 2002
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I decided to make Angelfish for my scene. I downloaded some pictures of their different species. From there I chose a blue angel fish, which I thought better for my environment.

To create the fish I first created some lines making it identical with the fish in picture. I created the upper portion first. After the line was created I used lathe to give it a round cylindrical body. Afterwards it was squeezed from both sides to make it thinner.
Then I converted it into editable mesh and changed its figure in different places using soft selection.

The fins were created separately. They were beveled in a low height later on and were smoothed using mesh smooth modifier.

It really took a lot of time to change the figure of the fish to make it more realistic as I moved small portions of the object at a time.
I cut a small part from the front side of the fish to make its mouth and placed some spheres and toruses as its eyes. For the ease of assigning materials I connected all of the body parts except the eyes altogether.


I already thought of the lights' positions. I decided to use four lights. One will be on the bottom of the tank. Another will be in a little bit upper position. The next one will be in the upper right quadrant. And the last one will emit from the position of the viewer. All three lights were created in omni. But to maintain lights many tricks had to be taken out.

Such as a lot of objects were restricted to cast no shadows. The inner blue light didn't cast any shadows as well as the upper one. Because it was necessary for the pipes and other steel objects to have a bluish light effect. The camera light (one that was projected from the direction of the camera) did not cast any shadows either.

I concentrated on the objects. I imagined that if the bowl casts shadows, then there would be no shadow of the Fish inside. But a good solution was to use ray-tracing shadows. But its shadow was very sharp. And it was quite unrealistic for the scene. That's why I did not have any choice but to disable the 'cast shadows' in the bowls properties.

I also had to do the same with the water and its surface. But I was really lucky for the lights position. So ultimately I was forced to use all these tricks, because I ran out of options.

I wanted my scene to be a little bit darker so that the illumination of the tank becomes prominent. That's why I kept the multiplier value of the outer lights a little bit lower than the inner light.

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