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ArtZone Heading
"The Junkyard"
Added on: Wed Feb 27 2002
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There are 70 lights in scene.

I started by choosing a convenient angle for the Sun. This angle covers a big dark area to fill later with soft shadows.

- Scene without filling lights:

SUN: Sunlight is a high intensity spot light with soft shadows. Using a big map size gave more area shadows than raytracing hard shadows.
It rendered faster than the area shadows.

I used a spot because a parallel light showed hard shadows, and this doesn't look nice close to the camera, and also doesn't show softed edges either.
I now had a problem, If I place the spot near the scene, the illumination had nice shadows but spot angle showed a limited area of light.
Sign and mountains were in the dark.

If I place the spot far, to illuminate the whole scene, then the shadows are too soft and does not look like Sunlight (I already used a big map size).

Solution: I placed a 2nd Sun targeting only the sign and mountains using same angle like the first Sun. I think this is not a conventional way, but I solved my problem quickly.

BULBS: I used a main omni yellow light for each bulb object (only two bulbs are visible but there are more hidden lights, this lighting is visible on ceiling and objects)

- Filling the scene:

To fill the scene with sky light I used two rows of 10 low intensity blue lights each row along the junkyard location (all omni, with shadow enabled, and fallof to prevent undesirable overexposures). Using theses 20 lights made so that the whole scene wass filled with blue soft light showing soft shadows in all directions (more lights = nicer but more rendering time).

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