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ArtZone Heading
Making of D'ni Firemarble Holder
Added on: Sun Dec 31 2000
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Extrude the end polygon four short steps and move the resulting vertices to curve the end around the Marble (E). Select the three top and bottom end polygons as seen in (E) and extrude them (F).
Pull those top faces in the direction of the arrow in (F) until it looks like (G). Then you need to pull back and lower the vertices above the start of the arm to smooth the slope from the top plate to the arm.

You may need to do some edge turning and dividing, depending on how your mesh was created, to avoid intersecting faces while adjusting the vertices.

Add a Meshsmooth modifier to the holder (H) using Nurms, Quads, and Keep Faces Convex. Two iterations are good, although once you're happy with the mesh, you may want to keep iterations to 0 and Render Value iterations to 2 for the sake of operational speed as this will subdivide at rendertime. If the Meshsmoothed shape looks a bit off, drop back down the stack to 'Edit Mesh' and adjust the vertices until you're happy.

The last thing to do is adjust those square corners where the Holder meets the Ring. Add an Edit Mesh modifier using Soft selections in vertex mode, set to a fairly small (5-15) falloff range. Click a corner vertex and pull a short way towards the center, as shown in Fig 11. Repeat on all four corners to taste.


Tweaks over -- now to put the other stuff on it...


Position the spring over the little arm and scale to suit. Make a Torus (Hoop). Rotate the Torus to look like it's hanging down and place it at the back of the handle.Remove the faces inside the handle (Fig 12). Add smaller Torii as eyelets where the big Torus joins the handle.


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