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ArtZone Heading
Making of Audi TT
Added on: Sun Oct 29 2000
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Look at the back view, pull out all the vertices on the extreme right to give more of a protuding arch if you please. Does not matter.

Viewing the car from above, this is the left forward wheelarch, now curving to the front of the car just underneath the left headlight.

Save as seperate file audittarch02.max

Go and have a break away from the computer!!

Welcome back. Head on over to Thomas Suurland's website and find a TT in his blueprints section. Save the file. Whilst there, do take a moment to have a peek at his TT in the gallery section and drool on your keyboard ;-)

Wipe keyboard and proceed to Max.

Open audittarch02.max.
First job is to get the blueprint into a viewport background. There are other ways of doing this which are more accurate but take more time. Select a viewport (eg left would be a good choice) press Alt+B (Viewport background screen pops up).
Under Aspect Ratio select Match Bitmap and tick Lock Zoom/Pan look up.

Click the Files button (find your blueprint) double click and then press ok when you back in the Viewport Background screen Right click on the viewport label (the one saying the viewport name) and then untick Show Grid.

Use min/max toggle to make that viewport fill the screen (take note depending on your system if you zoom in too close max starts asking for more memory.

You now have the blue prints in the viewport , they may look small in comparison to your patch so scale down the patch using the uniform scale button and zoom in. Now to start making patch match the blueprint.

Argh my eyes! When you select the patch you cannot see it! Hmmm maybe you should take the blueprints and fill all white areas with grey in your paint program? Or you might want to apply a material with the wire setting ticked and then play with buttons F3 and F4. All you are trying to do is find a way of seeing your patch when it is the selected object thats all.

Here you can see how I have stretched the patch out using non uniformscale mostly and some vertex tweaking. Not a very neat wire but the surface looks ok. I was lazy here, notice in the left viewport, I go straight from arch to the panel under the headlight; This does not happen on the real car, it has a spacer there.

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