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ArtZone Heading
Afterburn: Explosions
Added on: Mon Jul 09 2001
Page: 1 2 3 5 

Once you've done that go down to alignment and change the alignment to particle velocity and type 20.0 into autostretch. This makes the volumetrics sheer in the direction they're headed like mblur does with paaray and super spray. Basically making the shape take on the velocity it's going, so when it blasts out it'll look like it really has a fast powerful motion.

Now under the noise area adjust the gain to .7 and the bias to 6.3 this just adjusts the actual volumetric fractal pattern.
Adjust the density falloff radius to linear. Now last of all down the bottom adjust the density to 5 and the hi value density to 0, this way the density fades over the particles life, so when it's black it's also pretty much non renderable..

Make the step size 2.0 and the hi step size to 25. So that the fractal pattern scales up as the particles do. And adjust the noise levels to 11.6 and high value of 15.0. This way as it gets closer it gets just a bit more detail. You'll also want to make the phase start at 2.0 and end at 120.0.

Final Bits and Pieces

Now what's left is pretty much just the debris and other things we may want to add in. Your explosion may need tweaking here and there, it's really up to you what kind of look you want to get. Lets first of all create a debris particle system.


Go to the particle system area in the create panel and create a paaray particle system around the center of the explosion, choose the the hemisphere as the particle emitter. Change the paaray to use 1200 particles and set the speed to around 5.

Give it about 25% variation and tell it to start around 26 and end around 33, and give it a life of about 66. Make the size 1.0 but give it a 50% variation and around 2-3 for the grow and die frames.

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