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ArtZone Heading
Afterburn: Explosions
Added on: Mon Jul 09 2001
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Okay, next up we'll create an omni light. We'll use attentuation on this to make it have an explosion radius and a hot explosion that turns into smoke after it leaves a certain radius. Create an omni and place it in the center of the hemisphere. Go to frame 30 and hit animate, adjust the multiplier to 3.5. Go to frame 43 and adjust the multiplier to 6 and then go to frame 55 and adjust the multiplier to 0. This means the volumetrics will get hot and then fade to black at frame 55. Put cast shadows on and move down to attentuation.

Put far attentuation to 34 to start and end at 87. Put use and show on. Now you can see the radius it's alive in. Go down to shadow parameters and adjust the shadows to be Afterburn raytrace.

Go back to the create panel and then go to the space warps section, and create a drag space warp (If you're using max 3 then you'll need to download this from Max3d plugins section.

Apply it to the particle system and adjust the strength to 2.3. This causes the particles to slow down or 'drag' after they leave the emitter. Now that's the particles done, now onto the volumetrics.

The Volumetrics

First of all go to the environment panel and add an afterburn to the atmopsherics section. Choose the particle system and the lights.

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