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ArtZone Heading
Compositing: Pyrotechnics
Added on: Sun Nov 26 2000
Page: 1 2 3 5 

Going back to max, go to the material editor an get the "Original Plate" material and clone it and call it "Aftermath Plate". Now go to the diffuse slot and choose the aftermath plate you just made and make sure it�s on "screen mapping" not texture/uv. Go to the enviroment panel and select the background slot and change it to the aftermath plate now.

Now if you rendered the scene you would notice that the house actually does blow up! Of course there is a lot more work to be done from here, in fact this is just the bare bones of the effect.

Clone the parray particle system and call it parray02 �secondary. Now modify these settings.

Use rate 500

Particle size 3.0

Variation 50%

Particle type

Standard Particles

Standard Particles


What we have done is create a secondary particle system which will just have some misc. debris floating around since we do not just want a bunch of triangles being blown up. If you want you can go and make a third particle system with even more (1500 or so) particles and even smaller in size but that�s really up to you.

Now hopefully you have access to some explosion video clips of some kind. Art beats real explosions and trinity 3d�s pyromania are two great examples of what I am talking about. These are very useful, but if you do not have access to any photorealistic explosion videos then don�t worry combustion can still do a great job. I will not guide you through creating an explosion with combustion since there are already plenty of great tutorials out there that do this.

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