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ArtZone Heading
Afterburn: An Introduction
Added on: Thu Mar 01 2001
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Below the pick particles/daemons and the source lights area, there's a row of icons, a folder, a disk, an X ect. Here's what they do:

Open: This icon allows you to load preset Afterburn settings into your current scene, so if you or someone else has made clouds and saved them, you can load them up and it will instantly adjust the settings in your current Afterburn scene so that they match the clouds presets, the same for making dirty smoke, or a giant firey billowing explosion of death from which there is no beyondTM.

Save: This is where you can save your presets to load later on using the previously mentioned open icon. Once you've set up your settings ect. within Afterburn you can click this button and a dialog box pops up asking you where you want to save this file, similiar to the way you save max scenes.

Reset scene: This X when clicked, resets all of afterburns values to the default values from where you originally loaded Afterburn up. So if you make changes you don't like and want to start again, by clicking this button it allows you to reset them all back to the original default values.

Help : This icon brings up the help menu which you can use whenever you're unsure about what something does.. You won't need that after reading the rest of this tutorial ;) (I hope!)

Preview : This icon brings up a preview of just one volumetric rendered particle up close. This allows you to tweak the look and complexity of it as well as many other things without having to render your whole scene or multiple particles just to see how your changes have effected the scene. It brings up a menu which has some basic features within it which I'll get into later on.

Display shape in viewport: This icon allows you to see a really basic spherical shape in your wireframe and shaded views, it's used for basic 3d visualisation so you can see how big each volumetric particle is ect. oposed to a bunch of dots.

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