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ArtZone Heading
"Dream House"
Added on: Mon Jun 26 2000
Page: 1 3 

The Umbrella

Since there is now a free cloth simulator available for 3dsmax, I decided to give it a shot. The frame of the umbrella was modeled and then a highpoly, squashed sphere was draped on top. It came out looking quite realistic and also took less than an hour.
Another note, there is a simcloth flag that got cut out of the shot simply because it was too far away from the house.


The textures come from interesting places around my home. The wood boards on the house are actually the paneling on a ceiling of my house. The planks for the walkway are some of the sundried telephone poles on my street. Many of the artifacts in the wood had to be removed so that patterns were not easily noticed. Other things like the trees in the background actually surround my non-dreamhouse. For the stone in the chimney and the mulch in the front, my brother and a I drove around hunting neighborhoods for about two hours. In total there are more than 40 unique bitmaps in the scene.

(Thatís one big pile of dirt!)

Lighting the Behemoth

There are a ton of lights in this scene! 25 to be exact with only one shadow map. The key to better lighting is playing around with attenuation. Setting the limits of a lightís range can be a tedious guess and check process. Also, a thing to remember is that most light is not actually pure white. Since my scene was trying to capture the few minutes after sunset right before nighttime, the blue sky lighting had to be a bit more pronounced. You can see evidence of this best on the bridge.

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