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ArtZone Heading
"We Walk with Giants"
Added on: Sun Feb 08 2004
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For the shoes i started with a box too that i adjusted in the correct place using the model (1).

First I made the subdivisions I needed and moved some points to give the box a sole shape (2). Sub-Pictures 3 to 11, depict the way I completed the modeling of the shoe. Basically extrusions and one subdivision to give volume and some point moved.
For the buckle I started with a simple polygon (12), rounded with some cuts and then some extrusions (13). Last picture is the final result after several points moved to give a damaged appearance.


Textures were made with BodyPaint 3D. UV Mesh was created by cylindrical projection over both legs and shoes. After UV mesh is adjusted to the model I started with a first layer filled with the base color. Next added other layer and painted directly over the model with a more light base color over the folds.
I moved on adding layers and painting the same zone as before but with a lighter color and an smaller brush. To end this process I merged together the layers and apply a gaussian blur filter to smooth the results.

After that I've done the same process but this time with more deep areas of the folds and darking instead of lighting. To end this proccess I added a new layer that I fill painted with a texture instead of solid colors, a more smoothed brush like airbrush and varying the opacity of the layer and paint directly in that areas that weathering causes more damage, like knees for example. I also used this system to paint folds where they don't exist, like the fly.


Once again the method used was box-modeling...

Sub-Pictures 2 and 3 depict first movements of points to obtain the basic shape. Next, I unwelded front points to make the aperture of the coat and erased collar polygons and moved some polygons to simulate the fall of the cloth (4).
Since character would be laying on the ground and be tied with ropes, I made some cuts to model the folds the ropes produce (5). Chests also needed some folds so several cuts were made in this zone and triangulations to give this area a different aspect (6).
To give volume to the cloth I selected the edges of the cloth and created a spline and use this spline as a sweep nurbs object to create a cord. Buttons are instances of a torus and a disc.

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