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TechZone Heading
Trimming the Fat
Added on: Wed Apr 09 2003
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Ah what’s this? I skipped screen savers! Well if you want a real performance tip, here’s a whopper. if you use the stars screensaver (“The Zoomy one….with stars”, you’ll increase your sex appeal to the opposite sex! (This not proven through scientific means). Unless you’re looking for a similar sex, in which case…oh never mind.

Moving on to Appearances, we see the first major GUI hogs. Notice how women in high heels never win any sprint races? Looks aren’t everything. Here we can switch back to the default windows/buttons style of Windows 2000, as well as disabling a host of graphical effects. The only thing useful here is Cleartype, which really helps if your powering your system with an LCD…makes the text look hella good. If you don’t notice any difference, just disable it.

Miscellaneous Windows Chores

I’d give this its own little bold title, but its so small and insignificant, I figured it could do with just a little blurb. Well here we are at the taskbar. I didn’t show the original XP taskbar menu system, cause its just plain horrific. This one’s pretty simple to do. Just follow the image, and you’ll reach blissful win2kness in no time.

Ah Microsoft…how you piss everyone off. Once again if your looking to revert back to the snappier Win2k method of things, you’ll have to bury yourself into the folder options and swap it back over to “classic” mode…Do either of these two settings mentioned effect performance? Not really…but they do effect usability, reverting Windows XP back to the previous win2k layout, which increases efficiency (you don’t have to learn the new layout). So you could say it greatly enhances performance. It all depends on whom you talk to, and how much beer they’ve had to drink.

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