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FunZone Heading
Ways to talk to an employer

The "Follow-up"

(someone) hi u there its me (someone)
(employer) hi
(someone) u recall me correct
(employer) yes
(someone) question
(someone) heat tutorial on your page
(someone) head
(employer) Ah, yes
(someone) ok all i can get it to do is just make points and ask me if i want to close the spline lol i dont see a head what am i doing wrong
(employer) The tutorial isn't about making a head. It was done during the beta of MAX 1.0 to show a funny effect with particles.
(someone) ?
(employer) That's *not* MY page...
(employer) Nor my tutorial.
(employer) hehe
(someone) no i mean on ( my bad
(employer) I believe that was a tutorial on Surface Tools.
(someone) can u help me?
(employer) You first need to learn all the basics, though.
(employer) You can't expect to start creating organic forms overnight.
(employer) Not even with tutorials.
(someone) ok well do u have any tutorials on your page of the basics
(employer) Not really basics no.
(someone) ok well lets just say for example i wanted to make a blod just nothing just to test out splines and i get my spline tool and draw a line and close the spline in the front veiw then what would i have to do to make it a blob and it to have a surface
(employer) It doesn't work that way...
(employer) It's not *that* simple. :-)
(someone) lol well how does it work? give me a quick run through of something basic
(employer) You're asking me to give a lecture on 3D modeling, which would use methods and descriptions you wouldn't understand at this stage...
(someone) ok give me something i would understand
(employer) Learn the basics first. Take the manuals, read them.
(someone) ok but i need more i need online tutorials for basics do u know where i can find them
(employer) You don't need those. All you need are the manuals to get started.
(employer) Without those most tutorials might not even make any sense.
(someone) ok so the manuals will work to get me started?
(employer) Of course. Otherwise the product would ship without manuals :-)
(someone) duh!!!lol ok
(employer) Didn't your friend hand you the manuals?
(someone) no of course not greedy prick he wants to read them
(employer) While he handed you his copy of MAX and he sits there with just the manuals? Heh... me thinks your friend has a screw loose :-)
(someone) he doesnt even read them just act like hes going to u know how those people are who keeps saying they will do stuff but never does thats how he is
(employer) And yet he loans you his package and hardware lock and then acts like an idiot?
(someone) no lol its at his house
(employer) You're at his place?
(someone) not now
(employer) Ah.
(employer) What color is the lock he's using?

..and it abruptly ends?!

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