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FunZone Heading
Ways to talk to an employer

"At the end"

(someone) hi
(employer) hi
(someone) where did u go earlier
(employer) I do have a life outside of computers, actually. :-)
(someone) lol good one well ive been learning little by little
(employer) ah
(someone) messing around with splines and stuff
(employer) at your friends house again?
(someone) yea but i think i might have him convinced so i cang et it off of him
(employer) Hmm...
(someone) what
(employer) Did he tell you about the license transfer policy?
(someone) what is that
(employer) You can't just buy a second hand version without intervention from Discreet.
(employer) It has to be registered as being transferred to another person to hold the license.
(employer) What kind of license does he have?
(someone) what do u mean i guess a regular
(employer) The type of license, educational, commercial, NFR, etc.
(employer) What color is the hardware lock? That usually indicates it.
(someone) hmmm i think its blue if we are thinking of the same thing
(employer) That's a commercial license then.
(someone) man this thing is just causing me headaches im about to go out and fin dmea different program
(employer) That's an option too :-)
(someone) i cant figure this crap out i cant get anyone to help me cant find any online tutorials and its just pissin me off
(employer) What's wrong with the manuals?
(someone) i just cant understand them i need something that walks me through and gives me examples
(employer) Most tutorials I've seen are not unlike those in the manuals, and frankly, the ones *in* the manuals are a hell of a lot clearer.
(someone) well if they are so clear why do they have these 3dmax for dummies books
(employer) Because the product is mainly aimed at people who have some form of background or experience... that's probably why. And it's not all *that* hard either given that many people use educational versions to learn from it.
(employer) And I've never seen a 3dsmax for dummies book, though :-)
(someone) well i have no background all i want is a few pages on the net to get started
(employer) That's the problem... it takes more than " a few pages ", or do you actually expect to produce heads and facial animation and spectacular material in a few weeks or days?
(someone) heads hell id actually be happy to make an eye or somethting lol
(employer) hehe
(employer) Well,
(employer) if you had a tutorial on "how to create an eye", it wouldn't do anything for you,
(employer) because it would only teach you how to make an eye,
(employer) and how to use the buttons,
(employer) it wouldn't teach you what you'd really need to know, it wouldn't teach you the basics,
(employer) and the fundamental concepts of 3D space,
(employer) etc.
(employer) They don't let surgeons operate without ever having had biology classes either :-)
(someone) well see the best way i learn is doing it i mean i would see what eaxch button does in action then not just be told
(employer) But that's just it... knowing what all buttons do in a product isn't enough.
(someone) is the bottom part for animation oinly
(employer) The bottom part?
(someone) yea bottom toolbars i know they zoom in and stuff like taht but i mean i dont understand it
(employer) That's what the manuals are *for*, actually. To explain you what all the buttons do. Just read it, go over it, try'em all out.
(someone) i try them out but the dont do anything
(employer) They don't?
(someone) not for me like when i hit that 3d snap shot button it dont do anything
(employer) That's your first problem...
(employer) what do you expect the button to do?
(employer) And what does the manual say it should do?
(employer) Those would have to be in synchronisity.
(someone) i was reading a tutorial about tit on the net and it told me to hit it
(employer) OK, what would you assume a "3D Snap" function would or should do?
(someone) take me in a 3d mode
(employer) OK, what is your definition of a "3d mode" ?
(someone) good question what is a 4 sided patch
(employer) Just what it says... a patch with 4 sides.
(employer) And in your situation you shouldn't even be *thinking* about patches to start with. :-)
(someone) what is a patch??what does it do?
(employer) That's what I mean...
(someone) lol
(someone) what can i say im an eager beaver
(employer) Do you always want to jump in off the deep end and learn to swim by drowning? :-)
(employer) It's definitely brave, but not too smart to do, though.
(someone) well thats how ive learned always just jump in
(employer) It won't work.
(employer) Imagine yourself taking a engineering physics class at UCLA...
(employer) without the proper years of maths, calculus, etc.
(someone) ok well you assess this and tell me the next thing i should study, i know how to creat boxes and stuff like that now what should i move on to
(employer) The basics of the program, the layout, the major buttons, the stack, the modifier pipeline, how to manipulate things in 3D.
(employer) Though that only pertains to the program itself.
(someone) ok yea what is a stack
(employer) In MAX the stack is the part of the geometry pipeline which branches into different manipulations, modifiers, and geometry alterations.
(employer) The stack is like a hierarchical tree...
(employer) One which you can go back into and modify parts of again and again.
(someone) ok can u try to break this down in idoit terms
(employer) I'd only be repeating the manual to you, though... :-\
(someone) well idont have the manual right now so what is the purpose of a stack i mean what can u do with it
(employer) Oh, dear... I don't think I can type that up. It's a stack of pages alone to describe that in detail.
(someone) where can i find it on the web
(employer) I wouldn't know. I hardly ever look on the www myself.
(employer) I also doubt such things are explained on the webm
(employer) since what purpose would it have being there if people have manuals.
(someone) whats a good project for a beggnier
(employer) Tutorial 1 in the tutorials manual, I'd say.
(employer) They're all aimed at getting people up to speed.
(someone) so u still gonna let me work for u
(employer) If you can prove you're add value to it, sure.
(someone) so you will make a slot for me if i impress you?
(employer) Yes.
(employer) But I'm hard to impress, though.
(someone) id say so youve seen a lot of stuff who impresses you
(employer) Not much the past few years. Then again, we've been pretty high up in the quality chain of things. So... that makes it hard.
(someone) tell me some work that would impress you - star wars?
(employer) SW:TPM impressed me, yes.
(employer) But that's team effort,
(employer) a *huge* team.
(someone) so if i could do stuff like taht on my own would u hire me
(employer) You can't come close to what these guys at ILM do as a team effort.
(employer) I'd deem it impossible you could do it on your own.
(someone) ok well tell me what i could do that would impress u give me a link to an impressive showing
(employer) Hm... I don't surf the web much so I don't know what to point you to, really.
(employer) Look at A Bugs Life for instance.
(employer) Modeling and animation as used in that is great. u have to have some on your hard drive
(employer) Lighting and surface textures were excellent, etc.
(employer) Hundreds of GB's of stuff, heh send some impressive stuff
(employer) OK, here you go.....

(long 25 minute pause)

(employer) You fell to the ground after looking at all that? :-)

Here things seem to end.... did he or didn't he fell over? Time will tell...

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