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ArtZone Heading
Creating Fire in 3DSMAX
Added on: Mon Jul 09 2001
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Once you've done all of that you should have a fairly basic particle system happening, so next up we want to make them a little more chaotic and firey since the motion of the particles is still pretty regular. So now go back to the spacewarps rollout under the create panel and click on the drag spacewarp and drag it out into the viewport.

Drag is a new spacewarp for Max 4.0 which lags the particles so the velocity of the particles slows down after they are emitted.
As far as I'm aware it's exactly the same as Mondo Medias drag for max 3.x but with more options such as being able to drag the particles only on specific axis'.

Bind the drag to the particle system and change the end time of the drag to whatever the last frame of your animatin is and change the X and Z axis' to 10 and the Y axis to 25. We want to lag the Y axis more since it's the vertical axis and we do not want a 50 foot tall fire or anything we want a fairly slow and mid range fire. 25% is basically telling it to slow down to 3 quarters of it's current velocity.

So now lets give the fire a bit of turbulence so the fire's movement is a bit more wispy.

Go back into the spacewarps rollout if you're not already there and drag out another wind spacewarp into the view, position it exactly in the same space as the object you made is and link it to it as well as binding it. Change the strength to 0 since we do not want it to blow the particles, rather just give it a bit of turbublence.

Now rename it to 'Turbulence' and change the Turbulence strength to .5 and the Frequency to .1 and the Scale to .1. This should make the fire move a bit more wispy the way wind effects things.

Load up the material editor and make a new material, make sure it has no specularity and click on the '2 Sided' and 'Face Map' check boxes, since we're using a facing particle system if you remember and 2 sided so if you view it from another angle it will still render (if the normals are facing the oposite direction it doesn't render as being visible).

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