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ArtZone Heading
"Smokin 1" - Basic 3dsmax Particles
Added on: Fri Sep 15 2000
Page: 1 3 

Create nearly an indentical wind spacewarp but
with a negative value of -0.96,
decay of .008,
tubulence of .049,
frequency of 1.19,
scale of .69,
and raise it vertically upward a bit

Now duplicate that wind space warp and put it to the oposite side of the spray particle system. Adjust the strength value to .6, and hit ANIMATE button.

Go to frame 30 and give it a value of -0.297
then to frame 69 and give it a value 0.732
And at frame 123 give it a value of 0.319
And for frame 150 give it a value of -0.758

Now we'll move onto the shader side of things which is what will control the particles actual look. For facing particles rather than volumetric particles this is primarily what makes or breaks the smoke.
Load up the material editor, adjust the settings to have:
Black ambience and specular colours,
a 110 grey value for the diffuse,
a value of 0 for both shiny and specular.

Go down to the opacity map and click on the opacity slot and, choose mask.
Click on the mask slot and choose gradient, then click on colour two and adjust the colour grey value to 72

Drag colour two onto colour three and choose copy, and click on colour 3 and adjust the value to be slightly darker (65 grey value basically)

Click radial and
adjust the noise to .2
and the size to 1.8

Go to the last frame and hit animate,
change the phase to 15
Go back to the mask material

Click on the material and select particle age.
Go to particle age and swap colour 1's material for colour 3's.
Assign the material to the particle system.

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