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TechZone Heading
Redefining Speed (A look at In-House render tests)
Added on: Fri May 17 2002
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Raytracing - Box8ray

One of the interesting things about Max scenes, (or any 3d app scenes), is how deceptive they can be. For example this scene looks rather simple.
It’s some objects floating in a tube right? Well, you are right, it is just some objects floating in a tube…covered in raytracing materials.

This scene puts the rays into raytracing as it refracts, reflects, and provides a small amount of translucency so that one day, someone might be in awe of the abilities of the raytracer. Featuring a mere 4972 polygons, this scene takes longer to render then the whole nine user submitted benchmarks combined.
(on some systems).

Raytracing - Cubes

Some people are never satisfied. You give them 1,000 polygons, then want 10,000, you give them 10,000 they want 1,000,000. (Unless their game designers, then they want four.) Well, this scene has a whopping 1.53 million polygons. If you want more, you can be the one sitting there and watching the thing render for days on a K6-2.

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