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ArtZone Heading
Introducution to Polygonal Modeling
Added on: Sun Aug 20 2000
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The Front of the body

Create a mesh of some kind (box, or sphere will do). Now go to the modifier panel and collapse the mesh to a editable mesh (collapse stack).

Next click sub object and choose the vertex level. Begin placing vertices around the spline in areas where it will need detail the most, such as focus on the torso and arms and knees but don't put excess vertices on the shin and other non-deforming joints.
Continue to trace over the spline placing vertices in the right places, make sure you do not put excess amounts in since it will just make it harder to elevate the vertices when you can just add that detail to the mesh later.

Note: Don't place any vertices around the face, feet or hands yet since they require extra attention and will be modeled separately later on.

Once you have traced half of the mesh or the whole mesh (you only need to trace half and mirror it later) unhide the front spline and freeze it. Begin tracing over those interior splines. Such as the ribs and the bikini line and so on.
Just place the verts in areas such as that and the torso. Go around the neck as well.

Next up you will need to add depth vertices. Basically what these are are vertices that are needed later on so that your model won. t end up being a flat mesh but a full on realistic 3d mesh. The vetices you have traced around the edges of the main body spline are the ones that stick at the very side of the body, you need to add more verts now to the rest of the body.
Place vertices next to the vertices that are on the outer-side of the model. Such as the legs and the outer side of the torso and so on (the images below explain it better) you will need to place one vert next to each of those vertices.
Do that and then place vertices at the knees and elbows and chest and other areas where the detail is required. At least place two verts above and below the knee and two verts at the shin and so on.

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