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ArtZone Heading
Introducution to Polygonal Modeling
Added on: Sun Aug 20 2000
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When modeling your character if you plan to animate it at all you will need to plan ahead, you have to think about the deformable areas of the model and which areas will be deformed more than others, then add more detail to those areas. In other words the shin and forearm aren. t really going to bend but the joints like the elbow and the knee and the stomach and the hands especially will be bending frequently and need extra detail so they bend realistically without tessellating.

So the next step is to create a secondary spline that is there to remind you of the areas to really focus on adding the detail to. Such as the breasts, bikini line, elbow and shins and other areas similar to that.
Once you have created them hide them and do the same for the back, create a spline outlining the butt, the shoulders, spine and so on.

Notice above the bikini line. That is essential, it is where the legs and pelvic area deform.
Lots of detail needs to be focussed on this area. The stomach is another area that will be deforming quite a bit due to the complexity of the spine and the way the spine can bend. Plus you will need to focus on lots of detail here such as for the belly button and ribs and chest. So it is best to put lots of detail in this area by default.
The next area that requires a lot of detail is the shoulders, they require a lot of detail to deform correctly, they are also essential, not having enough detail in the shoulders means that the arms will not deform and bend and bulge correctly thus it will look quite fake and cheap in the long run.

Next in line is the elbow and knee joints. These areas bend frequently (every time the arm bends or the leg bends) though not too much detail is needed here, just enough for it to deform realistically, it is still best to put in a considerable amount of faces than avoiding faces since at times the knee and arm areas can look very cheap due to insufficient faces.

Next of course are the hands, the hands require probably more detail than the face does (at times depending on how complex the animation and how realistic looking the character is going to be. The hands deform completely, not just in specific joints but the whole hand bends and stretches constantly and requires extreme amounts of detail.
Feet are similar, they require a lot of detail too, if the character is wearing boots it isn. t as necessary but if they are bare foot then expect to put ultra amounts of detail in.

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