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ArtZone Heading
Creating Realistic Water with Wakes
Added on: Thu Aug 24 2000
Page: 1 3 4 

Texturing part

I used the terrain material to mask the foam with the slope height as base.
For example I want to make the surface with a height from 1 to 5 units as the foam area;
this are will have the white color of the foam, have a different kind of bump than the rest of the water surface, and a different self illumination.

The Step-by-Step

Modeling section

1. Goto create panel > geometry > charityware primitives and choose grid obj (in 3DSMAX this object is now Plane under Standard Primitives)
- keyboard entry set
- length : 200
- width : 200
- click create button
- note: u can modify these settings to fit your need

2. goto modify panel and set the
- length segs : 200
- width segs : 200
- and tick the generate mapping button

3. click the "select and uniform scale" button
- hold shift button and click and drag the grid object until it scales and clone the grid to approx 10%

4. goto utility panel and click reset xform
- select both object and hit reset selected

5. select the bigger grid and then the smaller grid (you must select it in order or you will have the smaller grid as the size of the gizmo)
- and go to modifier pannel apply displace modifier

6. go to material editor
- select any material slot
- click the bump material slot and choose cellular 2d from the list and click the ok button
- click and hold the cellular button and drag it to the map slot on the modifier panel (image: -> map : -> none)
- choose instance as a method (this will make instances of the cellular 2d map in the displacement map so that it will be used in the displacing process)
- set the strength to 2

7. goto material editor panel
- click and hold the cel #1 color and drag it to division 2 and choose swap
- size : 30
- spread : 1.15
- bump smooth : 0.1
- iteration : 4
- roughness: 3

8. select the wakes grid, in modifier panel
- click more button
- choose mask bottom from the list

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