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ArtZone Heading
Added on: Fri Jun 18 1999
Page: 1 3 

I created a screendump from the front view and pasted it into Photoshop. Now I created a new layer on top of it and painted the diffuse map using a basic skin color with some noise, and the white, red and black painted make up. Of course I did this in a very random way, we don't want him to become handsome all of a sudden do we? So after creating the diffuse map.
I used the finger tool to smudge certain area's, especially in the corners of the eyes (maybe he has been crying) and around his mouth (a drooling old man?).
After finishing the diffuse map I created another layer for the bump map. I made it light grey with some noise and dirt and then I drew a lot of wrinkles around the eyes, over his cheeks to the mouth and on his forehead.

Now for the last time I added a layer on which I drew the marks where the make up is white, and the rest black. This map can be used for masking, or for shininess/shininess strength maps. I saved copies of the different layers and mapped the head with a cylindrical gizmo.
How I designed the material: I used the diffuse and bump maps in the usual way and added the 2 color map to the shininess and shininess strength slots. I pulled down the percentages of the maps to about 50% (while the basic material values were both 0).

After this I created the nose. A geosphere with 6 segments. For the material I used a bright red (orangish) for diffuse and a pale pink-orange for the specular color. I added a raytrace map to the reflection channel, masked by a fallof map. This causes the material to reflect more when it's viewed from a smaller angle, so the edges of the nose reflect slightly more then the "inside" where it's viewed almost perpendicular. (I almost always use this trick to simulate a fresnel shader, it works pretty good).

In this picture the effect is hardly visible if you don't know it's there. That's good I guess. (But the nose isn't that reflective since it's made of plastic, if it was a glass nose, then it would be obvious).
For the eyes first I created the eyeballs, again using geospheres. For the material I went to Photoshop again. I used a scanned picture for the Iris and pupil. Around that I painted a lot of red-purple-pink. (flesh color).
I created a bump map to give the fleshy colour also a fleshy surface. I loaded the maps in max, made the material pretty wet looking shiny (shininess 80, shininess strength 100) and added the same fallof raytrace thingie to the reflection slot. I used planar mapping since the back of the eyes wouldn't be visible anyway.

Then I worked on the eyelids. I scale-cloned the eyeball up a little bit, added resolution and with Deform Paint, painted a hole in it where you see the eyeball, and some slightly thicker edges. This again gave me the irregular, torn appearance I looked for. I assigned the same material as the rest of the face and also acquired the same mapping coordinates, so that the make up stayed in place.

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