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ArtZone Heading
"Ars Antarctica"
Added on: Wed Apr 07 1999
Page: 2 

I wanted to do this scene as simple as possible, if not I wasn't sure if I'd ever finish it. Usually I think out these complicated scenes that sound great in theory, but they end up beeing much too time consuming. So, I started simple with a penguin.

I had a cylinder, and extruded faces on top to form the head of the penguin, and moved vertices so it looked right. the beak was made the same way. I worked on a fairly low poly version, as you can see on the picture (Picture.1) The wings were done in the same way.
Extrude and move vertices/faces untill it looks ok. The feet was made from a box, and again..extrudes, and a meshsmooth on top of that. Most of my models are done this way.
I like to move vertices.

It was hard to get the texture for the penguins to look right, I simulated the fur look with a bump, using regular noise, and when tiled the noise to give it a direction. Didn't look too bad in the end. I drew two diffuse maps for the body, and one for the head. Fairly simple painted textures. The penguin was mapped using a cylindrical mapping for the body, and a planar mapping from the side on the head.

So far the scene looks like this (Picture.2), not much. The rock in front is just a box with extrudes and a relax modifier.

Next I went on to work on the textures, I already had a rock-bitmap, used that for diffuse. The bump map was a 50/50 mix of the same rock bitmap and a turbulence noise map.
I then converted the standard map into a blend map, copied the same rock bitmap over to the second material slot, and made the second material to look a bit more shiny and a bit darker.
I used a gradient with noise as a mask between the two rock materials and then used the same rock material as a displacement map on the rockmodel, this way the mesh would match the texture more.

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