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ArtZone Heading
Added on: Fri Jan 03 2003
Page: 2 3 4 

Hi everyone !!! Thanks for voting for me, I'm really glad so many people liked the idea :-)

Most of my friends needed an explanation on this brainbreaker, so for those
of you who didn't get it - the mouse ate the cheese and now it's to fat to get out

At first I had a very different idea. I really wanted the mouse to eat something and enjoy it, so I thought to feed it really good and then, the actual trap would be the toilet that the mouse wants to use. I had only two days and an upgraded calculator
for a computer at my disposal (that piece of crap, sorry - I didn't mean you, my powerful Pentium II, don't crash on me now, aaaaaaaah) so I had to think of something even simpler, but enough of babbling, lets start!

Now I'll explain how I made all the objects and after that I'll give you some tricks
I would have done - if only I had more time (interesting stuff even for the biggest pro's of'ye)

The Bottle

It is a simple lathed spline, the shapes on it are lofts and the bobbles at the bottom are an array of spheres.

The material for the glass was simple:

Shader: Phong
Diffuse Color: Gray (RGB [50,50,50])
Specular Level: 225
Glossines: 38
Falloff - In , Amt:80
Index of Refraction: 1.5 (~ Glass)

Falloff (Perpendicular/Parallel) in the Opacity Map (100%)
Noise in the Bump Map (10%)
Raytrace in the Refraction Map (50%)
Falloff (Perpendicular/Parallel) in the Reflection Map (100%) and in it - at the second slot
Reflect/Refract Map (you can use Raytrace for better quality, but you'll loose speed)

The interesting thing about that material - I didn't use any "Bright Cards" (white planes
unseen in the render - facing the object and not the camera - thus transparent -
for making nice reflections and refractions - like a light from a window).
Instead, for greater speed I put a bitmap like the one you can see below in the Specular Color Map.

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