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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#1629| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Coolermaster Aerogate II Multi-function Panel
Matt Mantel at Overclockers Club has completed a review on the Coolermaster Aerogate II Multi-function Panel
#1628| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Samsung SyncMaster 172x Review
MonkeyReview has posted a review of Samsung SyncMaster 172x Review.
#1627| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Critical Update for Microsoft XML Services
This update contains Microsoft XML (MSXML) functionality that will allow applications using MSXML to continue to function correctly after security update 832894, Security Update for Internet Explorer, has been applied. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.
#1626| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Futuremark PCMark04 Benchmark Suite review
TechConnect has posted a review of PCMark04. "All in all, users with interest in benchmarking should see in PCMark04 a great tool for analysis on their computer performance. The PCMark04 suite is great and should provide enough information on how fast and how reliable the computer runs. Based on the received feedback, you can easily take decisions on tweaking the computer to your needs. PCMark04 showed great potential and strengthened its position as a world-class benchmark. Besides all these aspects, PCMark04 is very easy to use and user-friendly. We recommend it to novice as well as advanced users."
#1625| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Prescott Hyper-Threading Examined
From what we've seen, the Prescott occasionally gains up to an additional 4% with Hyper-Threading than Northwood did. There are certain cases where the Northwood benefits more from Hyper-Threading, but in those cases, the Prescott still outperformed the Northwood. Either way, the addition of more L2 cache on the Prescott hasnt changed Hyper-Threading performance by much. This could be attributed to the Prescotts longer pipeline or higher latency L2 cache, either way we wont be able to find out if the cache latency is the culprit till the Prescott scales to 4 GHz, which matches the L2 latency with a 2.8 Northwood; that is if Anands theory on the L2 cache is correct.
#1624| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Group Test
The last 18 months has seen a flood of wireless devices wash onto the market, from routers to printers to game pads. Perhaps the most high profile arrival has been mobile phones, where the changes in driving law have made Bluetooth car kits a legal necessity, bolstering public interest in the whole technology. Despite the grumbles, the benefits of installing these kits are unmistakeable, and potentially life saving.
#1623| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
Maxtor OneTouch 300 GB Hard Drive
DesignTechnica has posted a review of Maxtor OneTouch 300 GB Hard Drive.
#1622| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
GeIL PC3200 DDR400 review
The GeIL PC3200 proved stable at DDR400 as rated, and provided us with a set of stable and impressive results during benchmarks. Whilst not shown on the results table, (but may be added) Im able to run the ram at DDR333 @ the ratings of 6-2-2-2, 2.0, much higher and faster than rated by the top folks at GeIL.
#1621| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
3ware 8500 SerialATA RAID Controller
3ware 8500-8 Escalade controller left a lasting good impression as it went with waving banners through our tests. Of course, there are minor problems you have to put up with. For example, TwinStor technology is not always correct, and, just like with 3Ware 7850 controller, we have no support for PCI 64bit/66MHz, which is critical even for the four-channel version of the controller if you use modern hard disk drives.
#1620| source: by maximum3d on Sat Feb 07 2004 
ABIT Radeon 9800XT
Compared directly to the Sapphire 9800XT, the ABIT 9800XT comes up short in a few areas. First, while they both offer the Half-Life2 coupon in the box and the same bundle of cables and adapters, the Sapphire 9800XT also comes with the full version of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Granted, Tomb Raider is such a bad game that having it bundled could be considered cruel and unusual punishment, but I have to give Sapphire points for offering something extra that ABIT isn't. ABIT makes up a little for that though by including the new version of PowerDVD 5 while Sapphire still bundles PowerDVD 4.

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