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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#1446| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Antec True Blue 480 PSU
This power supply not only delivers 480 Watt but also uses a blue led on the fan to make it a bit 'cooler'. Antec was kind enough to not only supply me with a review unit but also throw in a few Blue 80mm fans to make the case even nicer.
#1445| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
GeForce FX Go5700 preview
It is inevitable that in the near future notebooks will be replacing our high-end desktop PCs. It's only a matter of time, since this particular sector does not slow down. NVIDIA's flagship Go5700 GPU is definitely a good competitor for ATI's M10 part -- feature wise and performance wise. However, it will be interesting to see which will be chosen by the majority. Will customers go for longer battery life or 3D performance? In the end, any GeForce FX Go solution is perfect, it all depends on preferences and tastes.
#1444| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Crucial Radeon 9800 Pro Video Card review
Techjuice has posted a review of Crucial Radeon 9800 Pro video card.
#1443| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 XT 256MB review
The Hercules RADEON 9800 XT graphics card is the fastest accelerator today provided that all such cards have the clock speed of 445 MHz (i.e. not only this sample). If you are ready to pay $500 for a 3D accelerator the Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 XT can become the best choice (provided that the price is not too higher compared to other 9800 XT based cards).
#1442| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
ASUS Radeon 9800 XT review
You can't take ASUS Radeon 9800XT for anything else ... but for ASUS FX5900Ultra :-) The light beige PCB with a copper two-fanned cooling system looks fantastic and takes up only one slot, although this fact can't be noticed at once. One more thing - an ATI Rage Theater chip installed. Normally, low-end video cards are equipped with it. It's not much of a gameable stuff, but lets you handle home digital video. This practice was unnerving for the nervous, but the trend seems to have been overcome.
#1441| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Creative 3D Blaster 5 FX5900 review
The performance of the 3D Blaster 5 FX 5900 is mostly good, showing healthy frame rates in situations where the pixel pipelines are not weighed down by shaders. Synthetic testing and Tomb Raider benchmarks though suggest that the use of PS2.0 and/or complex effects do the card no favours, particularly when AF or AA is enabled. Given that this is to be the future of 3D games, it does raise some questions over the longevity of the product.
#1440| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Intel sets prices for delayed Dothan
Sources at Taiwans notebook makers have confirmed that Intel will debut three models of its next-generation Pentium M processor, codenamed Dothan, on February 4. To accelerate the transition to the new processors, Intel has decided to launch a 1.6GHz model. Originally, Intel had planned to start the Dothan processors, manufactured on a 90nm process, at 1.8GHz and later add a 1.7GHz model, the sources said. The introduction of the relatively low-priced 1.6GHz model will help increase the proportion of Dothan processors in overall Centrino CPU sales, said the sources.
#1439| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
New Opteron Processors: 148, 248 and 848
AMD today announced new additions to the AMD Opteron processor family - Models 148, 248 and 848 - enabling servers and workstations to simultaneously provide cutting-edge 32-bit performance and 64-bit capability.
#1438| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Off-topic: particle is trouble for physicists
A mysterious new sub-atomic particle has been revealed that does not to fit any of the models currently used by physicists. The discovery either suggests that a new family of molecule-like sub-atomic particles exists, or that theorists must substantially re-think their theory of the masses of sub-atomic particles.
#1437| source: by maximum3d on Tue Nov 18 2003 
Gates gets serious about spam, security
For the 20th year, Gates, chairman and chief software architect of the Seattle-based software company, presented the keynote address at Comdex. He told an audience of about 7,000 in Las Vegas that development has started on the next generation of Windows, code named "Longhorn." "We're not even giving you a time-frame. In fact, a lot of people who got the prototype code said, 'Hey this looks pretty good. Gee, you must be close to getting this done.' Because of all the integration and the extreme high level of quality, there's still quite a bit to be done." Gates also said both technology and legal efforts may help curb spam, the unsolicited e-mails that clog inboxes and create headaches for Information Technology departments. He said Microsoft is using a tool called Smart Screen to determine the difference between legitimate mail and spam.

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