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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#704| source: !!!!!!!!!! by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
PNY Technologies will now be producing quadro cards! Looks like Elsa finally kicked the big one.
#703| source: Aceshardware by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Ace also has the skinny on the Chip formally known as hammer, with some % numbers as well, to get you all salivating...I wish I could spell.
#702| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Hey baby, nice WHQL, wanna update my drivers? Pay Nvidia a visit, and bring some flowers this time.

#701| source: Anandtech by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Speaking of Hammer...wait a minute..well the chip formerly known as Hammer, known as Opteron now.

Will someone please tell AMD to call their new chip something cooler, like Shaft or something?
#700| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Hammer Time...M$ (Not MC) strikes back with a few blows of AMD's Hammer, which will be completely optimized for their new operating systems.
#699| source: Maximum3d by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
The Quadro 4 NS 200...based on the Geforce 4 MX chipset, which has pretty much been cut out of the market by the announcement of the Geforce 4 ti 4200. Whats all this number crap mean? It means this card is a bad buy.

Stick to the MUCH higher performing 700,750, and 900XL series.
#698| source: Aceshardware by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Ace has the scoop on a variety of 64 bit OS and AMD Hammer info, visit the site news to check it out. (Too many urls to link here)

#697| source: Anandtech by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Intel's new Mobile P4 1.8 ghz..Worth getting? Looks like the performance falls between a 1.5 and 1.6 Desktop P4 in most cases...probably be faster to go with a 1.26 Tualatin based laptop.

#696| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Wed Apr 24 2002
Micron goes bonkers. Not only do they aquire Hynix memory, but then they go and make a 245 million dollar deal with toshiba. Go Micron Go!
#695| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Sat Apr 20 2002
Nvidia may buy transmeta. Looks like nobody likes microsoft anymore.

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