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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#1456| source: by maximum3d on Fri Nov 21 2003 
Comdex 2004 Coverage
PCWorld Comdex 2004 Coverage
#1455| source: by maximum3d on Thu Nov 20 2003 
PowerColor RADEON 9800 XT256MB review
It's darn tough, when you get right down to it. The Power Color Radeon 9800 XT isn't a breed apart from other 9800 XT cards. It is in fact the twin of the Sapphire, with a little nicer makeup. That might make a difference in dating, but doesn't really help all that much when it comes to laying out 500 smackers for a top performing card.
#1454| source: by maximum3d on Thu Nov 20 2003 
Sapphire Radeon 9800XT 256-MB review
The Sapphire Radeon 9800XT 256-MB utilizes the same 412 MHz core and 730 MHz DDR memory clock speeds, which is the main reason for ATI upgrading the cooling hardware. The heatsink is copper and the main unit creates a maze of ducts for airflow to not only cool the GPU but the DDR memory as well. As with the ATI card, the Sapphire Radeon 9800XT 256-MB is a heavy piece of hardware and almost on-par with the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra boards.
#1453| source: by maximum3d on Thu Nov 20 2003 
Ten ATX Power Supplies Compared
Ten ATX power supplies were evaluated on features and performance ranging in size from 400 watts to 550 watts. Each PSU was tested under controlled load conditions (~300 watt combined load). All ten power supplies survived the rigors of testing  not one gave up its smoke!
#1452| source: by maximum3d on Thu Nov 20 2003 
AMD's Athlon64 FX-51 Processor review
Nevertheless, AMD still has a beast of a processor here which will satisfy any gamer. Hopefully we'll see AMD announce some more models for this family to make this CPU line a bit more attractive. If AMD would release a 1.8 or 1.6 GHz Athlon64 FX-51 models, it would make the platform much more viable. As of now, AMD's Athlon64 FX-51 is nearly twice as expensive as today's Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, as Intel has been rapidly slashing prices on their high-end models to make way for their upcoming P4EE models.
#1451| source: by maximum3d on Thu Nov 20 2003 
Intel to cut P4 prices on Dec 28
Intel, preparing for its upcoming Grantsdale line, will cut 865 series chipset pricing by as much as 6.3% on December 28. According to Intel's roadmap, it will launch Grantsdale P and Grantsdale G chipsets supporting the new-generation Socket T (LGA775) Prescott processor in the second quarter of 2004. Since the entry-level Grantsdale GV and Grantsdale GL will not be introduced until the third quarter of next year, Intel has decided to keep the prices of the 845 series flat, with the exception of the 845GE chipset.
#1450| source: by maximum3d on Wed Nov 19 2003 
CA offers free antivirus software
The deal, announced Tuesday, allows each consumer to download for free CA's eTrust EZ Armor software, which includes virus protection and a personal firewall. Customers of the security software company also can receive a free year of updates to fend off the latest threats. CA decided to take the step because home users with vulnerable computers help a virus epidemic grow, which then affects corporations, said Ian Hameroff, senior security strategist for CA.
#1449| source: by maximum3d on Wed Nov 19 2003 
Epson invents tiny flying micro-robot
Japanese Firm Seiko Epson is to show off the uFR - a micro flying robot - at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo later this week. The flying robot uses two rotating propellors powered by an ultra-thin ultrasonic motor, said Epson, and balances in mid air by using a stabilising mechanism that uses a linear actuator.
#1448| source: by maximum3d on Wed Nov 19 2003 
Are the Days of 32-Bit Chips Numbered?
AMD will probably stop producing 32-bit processors by the end of 2005, a senior AMD executive predicts. "I think it will be in the '05 timetable. Late '05," said Marty Seyer, the vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit. He was speaking during a panel discussion on AMD's 64-bit processors at the Comdex show.
#1447| source: by maximum3d on Wed Nov 19 2003 
Lighted USB Cables
Fancy LED lit USB cables.

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