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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#865| source: c|net by maximum3d on Thu Sep 12 2002 
AMD delays Hammer for desktops
Advanced Micro Devices says it has pushed back the release of its highly anticipated Hammer (details) chip for desktops by almost a quarter. It's also delaying the release of another Athlon chip.
#864| source: by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Hot Chips = Lower Voltage?
A fellow Greg took it upon himself to place some heatsinks on the rather hot voltage regulators on his motherboard. What were the results? More stable and cleaner voltage signals. Makes you wonder where else heatsinks could be applied to reap benefits.
#863| source: by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Intel Knits a New Stocking
Intel has announced plans to include Hyper "Threading" (Yes it was a bad joke), in their new 3.0+ Pentium IV processors. Whats hyperthreading do? It basically allows the processor to execute two concurrent threads on a single physical processors at any time. (Basically better multitasking).

These new P4's will require new mboards, due to power changes, as well as a new radial heatsink to dissipate heat.

#862| source: by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Got Privacy?
Intel has decided to put certain "anti-hacker, anti-piracy code" into their cpu's. I'm sure this sounds all good and cheerful right now, but at what point do we tell these people to leave well enough alone...or should we just hand over all our personal information and save everyone some time.
#861| source: http://www.[H]ard| by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Dremel Sponsors Case Cutting Contest!
How freaking cool is this. Dremel, the leading manufacturer guessed it, particle accelerators, has decided to sponser a case mod contest.

If your into cutting the living crap outta metal to make your friends jealous of your uber case modifications, then by all means please stop by and enter.
#860| source: http://www.[H]ard| by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
XP Sp1 Information/Bs
Wondering what spyware Microsoft just put on your system after that windows XP Service pack? (Which by the way you have to install, see maximum3d's techbit a few days back).

Or even wonder what other bugs they added...then run on over, nay i say, fly on over to this url.
#859| source: http://www.[H]ard| by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Sony punches DVD-R in the nuts.
When both sides are fighting for your support, what are you to do?

A) Join the side that gives you the most money

B) Join the side that gives you the most hotties.

Or in Sony's case. Trick both companies into giving you A and B by combining both DVD-RW and DVD+RW standards into one drive! GO SONY!
#858| source: by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
New Xeons Baby! Feel the POWER!
Their on the way, as the inquirer would leave us all to believe. So get ready, cause recommendations are gonna start flying around like wild monkeys on a banana high.
#857| source: Greg Hess by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Places Your Momma Doesn't Want You To Go!
If you haven't been by to check them out in awhile, both puicorp and cooltechnica have been going nuts with tons of new stuff.

Puicorp's the place to go if you need to snag a few pieces of computer hardware. These fine folks help set up my first dual athlon rig. Just talk to chuck and mention 3dluvr.

And whats a pimp ass rig without subzero temps? Well they're isn't anyway your getting those without water cooling on yourside, and thats where the main man bruce comes in.

If its wet, cool, and slimy..err well go see him.
#856| source: Greg Hess by crossbow on Thu Sep 12 2002 
Industry News Update!
Well whats new in the tech world. Lets see...We've got 2.8B P4's on the market, with 3.08B's already available for preorder. All these new chips have been causing massive price cuts, with the 2.53B being intel's sweet spot at around 240-250 USD Retail.

But don't fret, cause even more stuff is happening on the workstation side of things.

AMD is about to release the 2400+, the 2600+, and a rumored 2800+ XP. Soon after, or during these stepping releases, we should see the upcoming barton core, which will feature a whopping 512k l2 cache, to match that of the Intel Northwood Cpu's. Should help to bring the AMD cpu's back up to speed against their competitors.

Intel's also smacking out some bitch ass Xeon rigs in a month or two, running Dual Channel DDR so fast it tears rambus a new one. (These will also be running with SMT and 533 FSB's).

And last but not least. When all the world's a fighting over slow ass chips (32 bit), AMD is poised to drop the biggest bombshell of them all, like a bleeding super huge hammer of justice. Hammer's on its way ladies and gents, so zip up those pants and straighten your tie.

Greg Hess

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