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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#885| source: CDR-Info by maximum3d on Mon Sep 16 2002 
Sony shows its first Blu-Ray disc recorder for consumers
Sony showed to the public its next-generation, optical disc video recorder for consumers that is based on the "Blu-ray Disc" format leveraging blue-violet laser beam technology. The company showed the product during the press pre-view session on Sept. 11, 2002 at the "Sony Dream World 2002" exhibition held at Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. The new recording format can accommodate a single-sided single layer media with a capacity of 23.3GB, 25GB or 27GB, with a data transfer rate of 36Mbps, or x1 speed of the specification. In the exhibition hall, four units of the optical disc recorders were displayed to appeal as post-DVD products.
#884| source: Warp2Search by maximum3d on Mon Sep 16 2002 
W2K SP3 Fix For Windows Update
A solution on the W2K SP3/Windows Update issue, for those having problems using windows update.
#883| source: ATI by maximum3d on Mon Sep 16 2002 
ATI Shop - Trade-up Program
ATI's trade-up program allows you to upgrade your existing graphic card, no matter who made it, to a new ATI product at an awesome discounted price. ATI will provide a substantial cash credit to your purchase, when you turn-in your current graphics card. ATI eliminates the down-time involved in online graphic card purchasing by sending you your new board in advance to install and try out. Once you're satisfied with it, return your old card for a substantial trade-in cash credit (applied to your credit card purchase).
#882| source: ITWorld by maximum3d on Mon Sep 16 2002 
Security vulnerabilities persist after IE 6 patch
The patch release, known as "Service Pack 1" was posted last Monday on Microsoft's Web site and contains fixes for more than 300 issues with Internet Explorer 6, which was first released with the Windows XP operating system in October of 2001. Despite the fixes, however, security experts warn that significant vulnerabilities remain even after applying the patch.
#881| source: by crossbow on Mon Sep 16 2002 
TR Does The Radeon Right!
With two kids, a hottie wife, and a whole load of hardware, its a wonder this guy ever gets any sleep. The tech-report has a look at the new ati radeon, and puts it through its paces, as it walks around and crushes various other video cards.
#880| source: by crossbow on Mon Sep 16 2002 
Extra! Extra! Get your Case Mod Here!
This case is just rediculous. Lighted stripes on the front, eteched side window, front acrylic with plates to block ugly beige, adjustable fan rpm's. Oh, and a place for your hamsters to just plain chill.

#879| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Mon Sep 16 2002 
It can't possibly get more confusing.
XP2300+ = 1.87GHz T-bred B 333FSB
XP2400+ = 2.00GHz T-bred B 266FSB
XP2500+ = 2.00GHz T-bred B 333FSB
XP2600+ = 2.13GHz T-bred B 266FSB
XP2700+ = 2.13GHz T-bred B 333FSB
XP2800+ = 2.27GHz T-bred B 266FSB
XP2800+ = 2.13GHz Barton 333FSB
XP2900+ = 2.27GHz T-bred B 333FSB
XP3000+ = 2.27GHz Barton 333FSB

Just in case you were starting to understand AMD's code system.
#878| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Mon Sep 16 2002 
Westerndigital pulls a fast one

"Western Digital has adopted a new warranty policy effective October 1, 2002. Western Digital WD Caviar Special Edition hard drives are covered under warranty for a three-year period. All other Western Digital products will be covered under a standard warranty for a period of one year. Extended warranty is available for an additional fee. For more information, please visit our warranty policy page."


Hahahahahaahahahahahaha. (Corporate Exec's at WD)

How many ways can we get screwed over by companies this year?
#877| source: Tech-PC by maximum3d on Sat Sep 14 2002 
Akasa ShinEtsu Thermal Interface Pads
Akasa has been manufacturing coolers and PC Cooling related products for a while now. But recently they have introduced a new heat exchange material called Thermal Interface Material or for short T.I.M. Akasa put their thinking caps on for this product and ease of use must have been high on their list because this stuff is as easy to apply as applying tape to paper. No more messy guessing games with T.I.M. s. Akasa developed the perfect chemical balance for excellent heat exchange and solid material for a more precise and easy application.
#876| source: by maximum3d on Sat Sep 14 2002 
Fujitsu May Replace 300,000 Faulty Disk Drives
Fujitsu Ltd., Japan's biggest business computer maker, said it may replace as many as 300,000 hard disk drives after discovering a fault. Its shares declined 4.9 percent, their biggest one-day decline in almost two months. The flaw may affect between 2 percent to 3 percent of the 10 million hard disk drives it produced between September 2000 and September 2001, spokeswoman Emi Watanabe said. The disk drives are found in Fujitsu's own computers, as well as those of Fujitsu customers NEC Corp. and International Business Machines Corp.

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