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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#1204| source: RACHAL by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
RACHAL - do you hate heat from the PC?
RACHAL is a ventilation system for computers that prevents heat from dissipating into your working environment. Computer exhaust is vented directly into the cavity of the wall instead of the room which keeps your room cooler.
#1203| source: eetasia by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
Mitsubishi ships world's first 4x DVD-R disc
Mitsubishi has announced the launch of what it claims to be the world's first 4x DVD-R data disc for video and data use. "Our new 4x DVD-R discs will offer superior compatibility, and most DVD-ROM drives, DVD players, and game computers should be able to use them," said MKM spokesman and CIO Shigeru Tamura. "We think these discs will serve as excellent media for recording video images and data backup. They can be used as library media, or they can act as media for distribution."
#1202| source: yahoo by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
Single-Chip HDD/DVD Recorder Processor
LSI Logic Corporation today announced the industry's first single-chip hard disk drive (HDD) and DVD recorder processor, the DiMeNsion 8650 (DMN-8650), for use in dual-drive digital recorders. The new processor enables the time-shift of live TV, enhanced archiving to DVD disks, and full support for DV camcorders. In addition, the DMN-8650 delivers superior video quality and significantly reduces system-level costs and design complexity for consumer electronics manufacturers with its high level of integration.
#1201| source: infosync by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
4 GB Microdrive by fall 2003
Hitachi today announced plans to squeeze four gigabytes of data onto the 1-inch Microdrive, known as the world's smallest hard disk drive. With considerable advances in miniaturization technology thanks to the Pixie Dust concept originally developed by IBM, HGST engineers have overcome magnetic recording challenges associated with developing hard disk drives of this size, and expects the 4 GB Microdrive to be available in the Fall of 2003.
#1200| source: pc world by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
New Device Ready to Rival BlackBerry
HuneTec, a small South Korean company, has licensed the Palm OS operating system for use in messaging devices that will work on a wireless network used primarily by pagers, PalmSource said Monday. The personal communicators will offer always-on access to e-mail and other information, PalmSource said in a statement. HuneTec plans to start selling its ReFlex Two-way Personal Communicator (pictures), an oversized pager with a small keyboard, in the U.S. in September, a HuneTec spokesperson said.
#1199| source: c|net by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
Deal puts Rambus in future PlayStation
Sony and Toshiba have licensed technology from Rambus that likely will be incorporated into a future version of the PlayStation game console. The two Japanese giants have licensed "Yellowstone," a high-speed interface for connecting memory to microprocessors, and "Redwood," a chip-to-chip connection, from the processor designer, the companies said. Both Yellowstone and Redwood would be used to enhance the broadband capabilities of "Cell," a complex microprocessor that will likely power an upcoming version of Sony's PlayStation. Cell, which is expected to come out in late 2004 or early 2005, substantially differs from current chips on the market.
#1198| source: The Inquirer by maximum3d on Tue Jan 07 2003 
Carmack blames ATI for Doom III leak
An internal memo from John Carmack, the creator of the Doom series of games, blames Canadian graphics company ATI for leaking the alpha of Doom III. In a memo to his employees, leaked on the Internal Memos site, he said: "ATI is more likely to be responsible than ever before. One employee from the company has been fired and the situation has been taken care of." He adds that the "investigation is over" and he has also had "a few words" with the owner of a web site called According to the memo, someone at ATI posted a link to the game on the Zelaron site.
#1197| source: LeeTN by crossbow on Fri Jan 03 2003 
NV30 In Three Weeks?
The Inquirer is reporting a 3 week ETA to NV30 cards...I sure hope this is true :).
#1196| source: by crossbow on Fri Jan 03 2003 
The Perfect Speaker Setup
How sound travels...and other aureal type things with speakers.
#1195| source: by crossbow on Fri Jan 03 2003 
Dvd Writer Part Shortage
Looks like some key parts for DVD writers are in short supply currently. Could explain why some people are waiting 1-3 months for a DRU-500A Sony.

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