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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#1659| source: by maximum3d on Sat Mar 13 2004 
Athlon FX53 goes up for sale
The forthcoming Athlon FX53 has started appearing for sale - although according to Chris Tom at AMD Zone, these are pre-orders and there doesn't seem to be any stock of the CPUs yet

#1658| source: by maximum3d on Sat Mar 13 2004 
Intel ready to intro 300MHz Prescott
As Intel appears to have decided that Megahertz Madness is now a thing of the past, we're looking forward to when it introduces a 300MHz Prescott Pentium 4 on its 90 nanometre process.This will run very cool and get us back to the time when we had to pay for central heating, rather than have our PC be part of the "Digital Home" and keep us warm on winter nights and evenings.

#1657| source: TechTV "ScreenSavers" by maximum3d on Wed Mar 03 2004 
Micro Waterblock | No Leaks - No Sound
The phds over at Stanford studying micro thermal transfer working with a company named Cooligy, have devised a way to use an extremely tiny water cooling block (with channels the size of a human hair) and pump up to 2 pints a minute through them. Until now with channels this small it was impossible to pump such amounts of water through them. They invented a way to use the electrical charge of water to create an ion water pump. This device is perfectly sealed and has no moving parts which means no leaking and 100% silent. Best of all it comes out next year.
#1656| source: by maximum3d on Mon Feb 23 2004 
Kingmax "Hardcore Series" memory
Kingmax has recently brought their new line of "Hardcore Series" and affordable DDR-466 and DDR-500 memory modules to the market. Tweaktown tested these modules with an ABIT IC7 MAX3 motherboard.
#1655| source: by maximum3d on Mon Feb 23 2004 
Ultracool II Digital
Eye Catching Fan controller review - The Madshrimps take a look at this fully automated fan controller.
#1654| source: by maximum3d on Mon Feb 23 2004 
Abit Radeon 9800XT water-cooled to 505MHz
For graphics overclockers, the water solution is definitely something that should look at. Almost 100MHz in graphics world or should we say close to 20 per cent overclock is definitely not something that you see every day.
#1653| source: by maximum3d on Mon Feb 23 2004 
Intel P4 Heatsink Round-Up
3DXtreme has tested three new Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 478) Heatsinks from Evercool, Spire and Titan.
#1652| source: by maximum3d on Mon Feb 23 2004 
Intel should be ashamed of itself
Posting by Linus Torvalds on the linux-kernel mailing list suggests that Intel should be more than a little ashamed of itself when it announced its 64-bit extensions last week. Torvalds was replying to a post which asked whether there was any difference between X86_64 and X86-64. He said the real name for the instruction set should be X86-64, and always has been. Torvalds said he was "a bit disgusted" at Intel for not even mentioning AMD in its documentation or its press releases. "I'd almost be inclined to rename the thing as AMD64 just to give credit where credit is due," he said. "However, it's just not worth the pain and confusion".
#1651| source: by maximum3d on Mon Feb 23 2004 
What's Next for Desktops?
The big thing this year is PCI Express, a serial interface similar to USB and 1394 that provides low pin count and higher performance. One port of PCI Express will yield 200 megabytes per second, which is twice what a PCI slot does today, and it takes up less than half the area
#1650| source: by maximum3d on Sun Feb 22 2004 
Linux servers at risk from trifecta of flaws
Three separate security flaws could be used by an ordinary user to gain total control of a Linux server or workstation, security researchers have warned. Two of the vulnerabilities lie in the way the Linux kernel--the core of the open-source operating system--manages memory. They affect all current versions of Linux, according to advisories released on Wednesday by iSEC Security Research, a Polish security company. The third flaw affects the module for the kernel that supports ATI Technologies' Rage 128-bit video card. Another article can be found here.

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