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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#440| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Mon Aug 20 2001
Via and the Pentium IV. Finally a cheap solution for Intel's flagship processor. But is it a stable solution? Read on to find out.

#439| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Mon Aug 20 2001
Press Release on Geforce 3 MX and Ultra

"The GeForce3 MX will be released on Friday, 24 August (yes, in 4 days). It will have a 175 MHz core and a 200MHz DDR (Yes, you read that correctly. Double Data Rate) memory clock. There will be two versions, one fanless and one fansink version.

The GeForce3 Pro (Or Ultra, the document doesn't state names) will be released on Monday, 27 August. There will be two versions. One will have a 240MHz core clock and 250MHz DDR Memory. The other will have a 240MHz core clock and 260MHz DDR Memory.
#438| source: [H]ard|OCP by crossbow on Mon Aug 20 2001
Kyle does it again...a super pimped out Socket 462/370/PPGA heatsink roundup. Its you've got heat, kyles got the solution...Copper.

#444| source: Greg Hess by crossbow on Thu Aug 16 2001 

Siggraph...The parties, the people, and the women...oh ya the technology and the 3D industry as well. Seems like everyone loves LCD's, Dual processor machines, and mocap. Upcoming reviews on Boxx, AMD, Intel, FireGL, ATI, and 3dlabs.

#437| source: Greg by crossbow on Mon Aug 13 2001
LA is wonderful. Its a beautiful 74 degrees F, or around 22 C. So far I don't have much technology news, just that beer is very expensive here. More news as siggraph develops.
#436| source: Greg by crossbow on Sat Aug 11 2001
Hey guys,

I'll be on vacation in LA and in the mountains from the 11th through the 20th, so don't be surprised if techbits don't get updated much. I am however planning to do an at Siggraph 2001 update. Keep your eyes peeled.
#435| source: by crossbow on Wed Aug 08 2001
Xbit snatches some top secret photos and data on the R200, ATI's new video card offering. Finally those geforce 3 prices will drop =).
#434| source: Maximum3d by crossbow on Wed Aug 08 2001
Tom takes a look at Via's DDR solution for Amd's flagship processors. Is it better then AMD760? No...oops, well read it anyway.

#433| source: Aceshardware by crossbow on Wed Aug 08 2001
A whole bunch of chip companies stuck to an iceburg. Itanium sucks up the competition.

#432| source: Anandtech by crossbow on Wed Aug 08 2001
Anand shows us his goods...their dual AMD 760MP server in a 1U rackmount. This thing is beautiful.

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