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Techbits are a brain child of Greg Hess, who initially started them on the Discreet Forum, then moved them here to a permanent home; they are gathered, (chewed up) and processed by Greg Hess and Thomas Bruno, an all around good guys, hardware experts and 3DLuVr staff/contributing authors.


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#1579| source: by maximum3d on Sat Jan 31 2004 
14% European display duty could dmg Industry
Display market research firm Meko amplified its warnings about European custom rules that will slap 14% of extra duty on DVI capable displays, and warned the move will both damage the PC industry and put off people buying new machines.
#1578| source: by maximum3d on Sat Jan 31 2004 
Tech giants lock down wireless content
Formerly known as "Project Hudson," the effort will kick off publicly Monday, with the announcement of new digital rights management (DRM) specification from industry group the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), as well as the formation of a new licensing body led by Intel, Nokia, Panasonic and Samsung that will promote the technology, according to sources. Toshiba was originally a member of the licensing group but has since backed out. The licensing entity will be known as the Content Management License Administrator (CMLA) and will promote an implementation of the latest version of OMA's digital rights management standard.
#1577| source: by maximum3d on Sat Jan 31 2004 
Mimail mutant maximises Mydoom misery
The devastation created by the Mydoom virus, which is still spreading, has been compounded by the detection of a previously unknown mutant of the Mimail virus. One in every five emails currently transmitted is thought to be carrying Mydoom, with four million infected emails thought to be in circulation. Internet security firm Panda Software said that variant 'S' of Mimail (W32/Mimail.S.worm) is very similar to its prolific predecessors and could not have arrived at a worse time.
#1576| source: by maximum3d on Sat Jan 31 2004 
Yet More IE Confusion
It's getting tougher and tougher to figure out exactly what Microsoft is doing with Internet Explorer (IE). It's not just the IE patches (or lack of them) that are confounding matters. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it has put on hold modifications to IE that it had committed to make as a result of its browser-plug-in patent loss to Eolas Technologies. Now - just as in the case of the pending IE patches - we don't know when Microsoft will be making these modifications. Sure, Microsoft wants everyone to forget browsers are standalone entities and to pretend that they are just another operating-system component. But this IE madness needs some resolution well before 2006, when IE becomes one with Longhorn.
#1575| source: by maximum3d on Fri Jan 30 2004 
Microsoft offers reward for MyDoom.B leads
Microsoft announced on Thursday that it will offer $250,000 for information leading to the capture and conviction of the individual or group responsible for the release of MyDoom.B. The original MyDoom virus started spreading on Monday and quickly swamped the Internet. The MyDoom.B variant appeared on Wednesday and, among other things, prevents an infected PC from accessing some Microsoft Web sites and targets Microsoft's main Web site with a denial-of-service attack due to start on Feb. 1.
#1574| source: by maximum3d on Fri Jan 30 2004 
CMC Magnetics raising DVD speed
As prices for blank DVD-R/+R discs fall with increasing supply, CMC Magnetics is hiking the speed of its products to maintain its gross margin at about 50%, according to company spokesperson Andria Wong. The price of 8x discs stands at about US$1 while that of 4x discs has dropped to US$0.70, according to Wong. CMC Magnetics plans to upgrade the speed of its DVD-R/+R discs to 12x in the third quarter and 16x in the fourth quarter, Wong said. The higher margins available at higher speeds will offset the decreasing profitability of DVD-R/+R discs at lower speeds, Wong explained.
#1573| source: by maximum3d on Fri Jan 30 2004 
Ctrl-Alt-Del inventor makes final reboot
David Bradley, one of the "dirty dozen" engineers who created the original IBM PC at Boca Raton, Florida, is to retire this week after 29 years with the company. Bradley's accomplishments are numerous - he wrote the BIOS code for the original PC and rose to become architecture manager at the PC group. But David's claim to fame is that he devised the most famous - and probably most used - three key combination in computer history: Ctrl-Alt-Del.
#1572| source: by maximum3d on Fri Jan 30 2004 
Will the Internet Split in Half?
The Internet could split into a paid, controlled side and a free, "wild" alternative, says a British specialist. John Carr, who was a featured speaker at the Internet Safety Group's Auckland, New Zealand conference last year, forecasts a possible division in the Internet with tighter control and a consequent rise in cost for producers and consumers who want to stay safe and "respectable".
#1571| source: by crossbow on Fri Jan 30 2004 
ATI's Consumer Up, Workstation Way Down
Of course what nobody mentions is how ATI's workstation division is now only 13% of the market, having heavily lost ground in the past few years.

ATI killed the FireGL.

Nvidia on the other hand, now owns about 75% of the workstation market.
#1570| source: by crossbow on Fri Jan 30 2004 
Stop AntiVirus Spam!!!!
This article points out that much of the "internet clogging" that occurs from email worms, is actually from the anti-virus programs themselves.

Considering that almost all the worms spoof their email addresses as is, this leads to a mass of confusion, and horrible net clogging.

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