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ArtZone Heading
CEL Shader: Chapter 1
Added on: Sun Nov 26 2000
Page: 1 2 

These settings basically control a noise pattern which will control how eratic the flashing of the ink is, I have set up the seed to be 147 (the seed is just a random fractal algorythm, any number will do although).

My strength is set to be 1.0 and ticked the >0 tickbox so that the strength only goes up to 1.0 and doesn't go below 0 (if it goes below 0 the ink will become extremely dark and unnatural (we don't want this to happen)).

Frequency controls how fast everything cycles, and fractal noise I've ticked which allows me to adjust how sharp the actual fractal pattern gets. The characteristic graph demonstrates a visual graph of how the pattern works, the dotten horizontal line in the middle represents the 0 value.

Now what we've done is basically make the ink outlines flicker and adjust boldness so they aren't a constant black but rather different variations like in older cartoons and bodgy old televisions. This is just an effect that might give it a bit more realism (I guess some techniques which apply to photorealism can also be applied to cartoons!).

There's plenty more you can go on from here, these were just basic notes on how to go about this technique, from here you can make sub materials which form and refine the ink outlines and make the ink more eratic and animated ect. there possibilities are endless, just experiment!

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